Thursday, October 20, 2011

The First Kiss

First kisses...botta bing, botta boom, yowza...or at least we hope that's how it goes.  Sometimes the first kiss is more about bumping noses, colliding teeth or feeling more awkward than sexy.  Either way, that first touch of the lips sets a tone.

As teenagers, the first kiss is like a doorway into the adult world. It's wrapped up with wonder and excitement.  My first "real kiss"--the one that got my blood bubbling, hormones raging and legs quivering--belongs to Brian.  We were sitting on lawn chairs in the backyard of Laurel's house on a hot summer night.  He was a blond with a smile that melted the skin off my bones.  When we kissed on those lawn chairs, my world rocked into an entirely new stratosphere.  Shazam!

First kisses are important, whether you're a teenager or on a first date, and getting it right is everything.  It's best if the first kiss can be in a playful setting to take the pressure off, like under mistletoe, in the rain, playing a game or something light hearted.  Get close enough to feel each other's body heat--if you're both ready for a kiss, it'll come naturally.  

If you're in a long-term relationship, you can recapture the thrill of the first kiss by mixing up your routine.  Go to a new place, a new setting and let your imagination guide you.  Give your partner a teasing kiss, be spontaneous, kiss when it's least expected. Sometimes when we've been kissing the same person for years,  the act becomes only a prelude to sex or, worse, blah.  Try something new--how about an upside down kiss?  Whatever you do, don't anticipate the same ol' same ol'...add some play into your day and recapture that magic of the first time.

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