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For the Love of Quinn...a guest post by author Tammy Dennings Maggy

Today I'm hosting Author Tammy Dennings Maggy to Kisses, Caresses and Whispers in the Dark.  She's got moxie--which we all know I love!  Enjoy her interview with one of her favorite characters from, For the Love of Quinn, as well as an excerpt (adult content) below.  Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! 

Book Trailer For the Love of Quinn

One of my favorite characters in For the Love of Quinn is Anthony Mancouso.  He’s Steve’s best friend and former right hand man and in fact was in love with him at one point.  He’s gone on to be a very successful business owner on his own, partnering with Steve to open a few shops.  Anthony has many talents that we will learn more about in For the Love of Quinn and the other books in my Now and Forever series.  Here is a glimpse at a conversation I had with him recently. 

Today I’m off to Pier 39 in San Franciso to visit a bit with my good friend Anthony Mancouso, owner of Anthony’s Aromas.  I’m ashamed to say I haven’t stopped in to have him develop a scent for me and he’s been open now for a little over a year.  This should be a lot of fun.  Besides getting a basket of goodies made up from the scent he comes up with for me, I get all the latest gossip on our friend Steve Eischer and his lady love, Quinn.
As I walked through the door of his shop, I was surprised by the fresh clean smell.  I was prepared to be assaulted by a wave of strong perfumes and musks competing for my attention.  You know the fog that can envelope you as you walk into the cosmetic area of any major department store?  Well, rest assured you won’t need fog lights to navigate through Anthony’s Aromas.  
“Well, look what the tide brought in!”  
I looked up from the display I was checking out to see my friend casually leaning against the counter with his arms crossed over his chest and flashing the smart ass smile I love so much.  The always impeccably dressed and tanned shop proprietor was even more handsome than the day we first met.  He shook his sandy blonde head as he walked over to me. I noticed right off he was wearing the diamond studs I sent him for Christmas last year.  Nothing but the best for my Anthony!  “Your shop is amazing!”
He pulled me into a bear hug that took my breath away.  “I was beginning to think you divorced me.  You’ve been keeping yourself locked away with your writing.  It’s about time you stepped away from your laptop.  I’ve missed you!”
“Really?  Rumor has it, you’ve replaced me with a new one.  Quinn’s her name right?  I tried not to act jealous, but Anthony saw right through that.
“Darlin’ I could never replace you.  Besides, you will love Quinn.  She’s just like you in so many ways, beautiful, forever busy, and she has the heart of not one, but two men.  Sound familiar?”
My face flushed.  This was going to be a fun afternoon!  Anthony took me to the first station in the store to get started on developing my very own scent and I started in with the questions.
Me:  So the woman who has Steve all in knots is also in love with another man?
Anthony:  Honey, you don’t know the half of it.  On the same night she met our Steve, she met Jacob Hartley.”
Me:  “Eric’s brother?” (I remembered meeting Eric the year before and briefly met his brother Jacob.  I could see why Quinn was torn between both men.  Holy shit!)
Anthony:  “The very same.  In fact, Jacob is more your type.  He’s the classic bad boy covered in tattoos and piercings.  Speaking of tattoos, Steve had one done too.  He’s got a portrait of Quinn on the left side of his chest.  Derek did that one.”
Me:  Derek did one of my tattoos too.  There’s another hottie for ya!  
Anthony:  Don’t get me started!  You know I’ve had a huge crush on that one for the last 8 years or so.  Did you know that Derek was adopted by Quinn’s family?  It’s such a sweet story, but one you will have to get directly from him.
Me:  You are such a tease, Anthony!  So what do you think of Quinn and Steve?
(Anthony grabbed several more vials of scents and placed them on the counter.  It looked like he was going to mix at least a dozen of them for me.  Hell if I knew how he was going to make them into something that didn’t stink to high heaven, but he knew what he was doing)
Anthony:  Stephen’s gorgeous emerald green eyes are sparkling again and he spends time living now instead of always in some meeting.  He hasn’t been that way since his first marriage and it was great to see him smile.  I missed that, especially after his illness.
Me:  That was a scary time for everyone, but he’s been healthy for the last 10 years, Anthony.  It’s time he got to enjoy life.  I’m happy he’s found someone he can share it all with.  
Anthony:  Quinn is perfect for him but she’s been through a hell of a lot in her life.  She’s come to let herself fall in love with Steve, but if he doesn’t tell her soon about his illness…
Me:  You think it could change things between them or is it the fact that Jacob is still in the picture that has you worried?
Anthony:  Good question, my friend.  I want everyone to be happy, but there is a lot more that has to play out between the three of them in order to get there.  I for one plan on being around to see what happens.  You game?
Me:  Of course!  I don’t envy Quinn one bit.  Having to choose between two men can tear you up inside, even if one is a billionaire.  The heart wants what the heart wants, even if you end up losing yourself in the bargain.
(Anthony hugged me tight to him and kissed my forehead.  I could see he was fighting tears.  Both of us have had our share of heart break over the years and finally both of us were in relationships with our own soul mates.)
Anthony:  Come on, darlin’.  Let’s turn these vials in to my technicians and have them get working on the formula for your scent and then you can tell me all about what you are writing now. 
Me:  Well, I’m working on the next books in the Now and Forever series…

An excerpt of the erotic romance For the Love of Quinn (adult content)
now available at 

As soon as the doors closed, he pinned her in the corner. “I’ve wanted to do this from the moment I saw you step out of the elevators tonight.” His lips touched hers once again, softly at first, and then after teasing her a little with his tongue, he dove right in, picking Quinn up at the waist and lifting her up so that she was sitting on the railing. His hand trailed up her thigh and under her dress. His fingertips gently teased her clit a bit, making her gasp, breaking their deep kiss. “I knew it. Your dress fits you like a glove. No way in hell you were wearing anything under it.”
“I’m glad you approve.” Quinn wrapped her legs around his waist as he picked her up off of the railing and carried her through the doors into his suite, the penthouse suite, no less! Now their lips and tongues battled each other for control, neither one of them willing to yield just yet. Quinn could feel his cock straining to get out of his pants and into her. Her pussy throbbed and cum already started to coat her inner thighs. She forced herself to come back to earth. “We need to slow down a second.”
Steve smiled again and her mind nearly went to mush. He put her back on her feet, keeping one hand on her waist, while the other pulled a condom out of his pocket. “Like the boy scouts say, always be prepared.” 
“I knew there was something I liked about you besides your killer smile.” She wrapped her arms around his neck tighter as his mouth crushed hers once again. She loved the feel of his hands on her body and the heat that zipped through her with every single touch and kiss. She wanted more, so much more.
“Quinn, I don’t know if I can wait much longer. I have to have you, baby.”
“What’s stopping you?” She bit his earlobe a little, and that was all the signal he needed. He lifted her up into his arms again and pinned her against the wall in the entryway. Quinn held on tight to his neck and shoulders while he unbuckled his pants, freeing up his huge cock. He ripped open the condom wrapper with his teeth, and before Quinn could catch her breath he nearly split her in two as he entered her. She was already hot and so wet that he slid in quickly. She was so surprised at his size that she dug her nails into his back a little too hard. Quinn didn’t think he minded one bit. He groaned as his cock filled her cunt completely, stroking every single inch of her. Her body shuddered wildly as the first orgasm hit her. She moaned as Steve broke their kiss, leaving her a bit breathless.
“Good god, your pussy is fucking fantastic. I can feel every single inch of you pulling me in.” He shifted positions so that he had her legs over his arms, and he spread her wider. He kept pounding her against the wall, thrusting deeper still. He felt so good stroking her and hitting every sensitive spot. Wave after wave of ecstasy ran through her. She came over and over again, her cum continuously squirting out of her and over Steve. “You’re so hot and wet. I can’t get enough of you.”
“Jesus Christ, your cock is so fucking big. Harder, baby, harder.” Quinn was lost in her own climax, and then Steve’s arms tightened around her as he groaned against her tits. His thrusts slowed, and he pulled back to look into her eyes. Both of them were panting trying to catch their breath. His cock was still buried deep inside of her and rock-hard. Now he kept eye contact as he moved in and out of her. He changed position again so that he had her wrapped around him and his hands on her ass, moving her up and down his shaft. Quinn straightened her legs and pointed her toes as a very powerful orgasm hit her, and she couldn’t hold back a scream. That did it for him. He came right along with her, their bodies shuddering together.
Steve leaned into her, a smile gradually forming on that gorgeous mouth of his. “Goddamn, woman. If this is any preview of what we will be doing together the rest of the night, I don’t know if I am going to be able to let you leave here in the morning.”
Quinn nibbled on his stubbly chin a bit before pulling his mouth back to hers. “How about you give me a tour of the rest of your place and we will just let things happen as they happen.” 
Steve moved both of them away from the wall but still kept his hands firmly on Quinn’s ass, letting her legs slowly slide down his body until her heels hit the floor again. “You better hang on to me for a little longer. I don’t know if I can walk normally just yet.”
He moved his fingers lightly up and down her bare back, sending shivers through her once again. “I don’t think that will be a problem at all, Quinn. You’ve put some kind of spell over me, and I can’t keep my hands off of you.”
“Well, your hands feel awfully good on my body, and so do your lips, your tongue, and that welcoming committee you have stuffed in your pants!” Good lord! Quinn had never fucked anyone with a cock that big, and he sure did know how to use it. Miranda was going to faint when she heard about this!

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Thanks, Tammy, for sharing your characters with us!

Tammy Dennings Maggy said...

Thank you for having me today, Amber! Anthony has a lot more to say so I'm sure we can talk him into divulging a few more secrets!

Wicked Leanore said...

I love all the sexy talk or should I say, "Strong Dialogue" while they are making it! Whew, you write Hot Miss Tammy! I enjoyed this spot very much. The book looks so delicious.

Tammy Dennings Maggy said...

Thank you very much Ms. Wicked! ;)

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Hmmm...I think that both of you deserve a framed copy of the poem. You guys rock!

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Did I forget to mention the framed copy of the poem? LOL Sorry. Honey, I'm getting OLD. You need to remind me of these things. You ROCK!