Thursday, February 2, 2012

A sneak peek of RIPTIDE--coming soon

My next romantic-suspense novel, RIPTIDE, is coming soon. Enjoy this sneak peek!

A sneak peek of RIPTIDE by Amber Lea Easton

 I don’t want to be afraid anymore.  She grinned at the knowledge that she would rather be immersed in his drama than alone with hers. What a pair, a disaster in the making, no doubt.
“I know you played hard in LA and don’t care.  I’m not exactly a saint myself.”  Her gaze dropped to his bare chest, once again barely concealed because of his inability to button a shirt completely.  “We’re both a little tense and I know exactly how to fix that.” 
“What are you saying?”  Confusion shadowed his eyes.  He bit into the apple without looking away from her face.  
She bit the inside of her lip and raked her gaze from his bare feet covered with sand to the disheveled black hair that hid one eye from view.  “I want to stay...I’m a lot to handle, too, so...if you’re willing to risk me freaking out in the near future, then I want to stay.”  
He finished chewing and stared into her eyes.  “Sounds like strings to me.”
“I wish I could give you a guarantee that I won’t bolt…but it’s all so damn confusing.  I confuse myself these days.”  She grabbed the apple from him before he could take another bite and tossed it aside.  “So we’re both a little dangerous...maybe that’s a good thing.”
“Something like two negatives making a positive?  Something like that?”  He frowned, his gaze dropping to her mouth.  “Are you sure?”
“Absolutely.”  She slid her hand over his skin, undoing the only two buttons that he’d managed to fasten.  “Know what I want to do to you?”  She dragged her gaze from his chest to his eyes.  “Know what I want you to do to me?”
“Damn it, Lauren.  My self-control is gone so--”
“Good.  You won’t need it.”  She kissed his neck while her hands pushed the shirt from his shoulders.  She wanted more, needed more.  She slipped her tongue into his mouth and unzipped his shorts.
She couldn’t get enough of his hard body against hers.  She wanted her legs around his hips, wanted him screwing her brains out while she sunk her teeth into his shoulder.  Reckless energy fueled her passion...and it felt damn good.   
He pressed her against a palm tree and pinned her hands above her head.  “You’re sure you want this?” 
“I want you.  Now.  Here.”  She looped her bare foot around the back of his leg and nipped his chin. “But no promises, okay?  I don’t want any promises.” 
He moaned before kissing the breath from her.  His tongue plunged against hers.  He dropped his hold on her fists to peel the swimsuit over her arms.  He squeezed her breasts while his body pressed her tight against the rough trunk of the palm tree.  
“Upstairs,” he instructed against her lips.  “Now.”  
“Let’s run.”  She grabbed his hand and yanked him toward the deck.  
Mouths clinging to one another, they stumbled up the stairs while their hands continued to strip each other. He reached behind her to slide open the glass door.  His lips never left hers as he scooped her into his arms.  She wrapped her legs around his waist.  They laughed against each other’s mouths, the sound breathless and wild.  
He walked them back to the bedroom without letting her feet hit the ground.  
She buried her fingers into the thickness of his hair.  Her mouth pulled on his lower lip.  Fumbling, she undid the snap of his shorts.  Linking her toes in the waistband, she slid them down the hardness of his thighs.  
He dropped her in the center of the bed and yanked her swimsuit down her legs.  He licked the inside of her knees, his fingers squeezing her thighs as he spread them wide.  
“I can’t believe how badly I want you.  You have no idea.”  She fisted her hands in his hair and pulled him up to her mouth.  She wanted him inside of her.  Now.  Fast.  Her entire body screamed with need.  “I need you inside me...sooner is better, babe.”

RIPTIDE ...coming soon
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Tammy Dennings Maggy said...

This one sounds great too. Can't wait for April!

Amber Lea Easton said...

Delayed release--it's going to be the summer now. :) Wish it had been out this month! I love this story and am anxious to see it out and about in the world.