Saturday, August 18, 2012

An interview with Hope Welsh

We're spicing up Sunday with an interview with romantic suspense author, Hope Welsh.  Enjoy!

Why do you enjoy writing romance over other genres? 
I think the main reason I chose romance as my preferred genre is that I'm a huge fan of happily ever after. I believe that it's something we all deserve-and we all need to escape to a world sometimes where good always overcomes evil and where love conquers all.  Trite, perhaps...but I love the philosophy.

What do you find is your greatest challenges when writing romantic suspense specifically? 

Ah, here is a good question.  Romantic suspense pulls in more than just romance readers. The trick here is to put in enough suspense to make the story thrilling and enough romance to give the reader the satisfaction I always seek to give with Happily Ever After. The other challenge is to remember that the story is to be more about the suspense. I am a former police officer, so it's helpful to me that I can rely on past experience in law enforcement. I don't have to do quite as much research.  It can also be a challenge to keep all the plot lines going and not leave holes!

Outside of writing, what is one of your greatest passions and why?
Reading. I read to escape. It's always been my escape. For a few hours at a time, I can forget the world and all the worries we all have and just enjoy a world where anything can happen. My other love is my new interest, crochet.

What's one of the most common questions you get from readers and how do you respond? 
I always get asked how I get ideas for my stories. I hate to admit to those questions that very often when I write a book, I know nothing more at first other than the characters themselves. I'm a character driven writer, not a plot driven. it can be challenging to have the characters let me put them where I want them. Very often, they have ideas of their own.

As a romance writer myself, people often ask me if I truly believe in happily ever after.  What's your take on that?
Oh, I definitely do. I couldn't survive if I didn't. We can make our own happiness, I believe. My happily ever after is with my writing. It was a life-long dream to be published. My first full-length book sold in 2006 and I never looked back.
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
That's an easy answer. I'd go to Australia. It's the one country I've always wanted to visit.  I've lived all over the US, and in Canada. I'm afraid I have a severe case of wanderlust. I'd love to travel the world someday. I plan on calling it research, of course. 

What's your idea of the perfect date night? 
Wow, it's been years...roses, dinner and a good video with someone I love.

What's your greatest pet peeve? 
Honestly, it's when I read published books where facts aren't accurate. For instance, I galls me when I read about a .38 special with a clip! A little research goes a long way!
I know you write paranormal, have you had any personal experiences in that area that you wouldn't mind sharing?  Actually, I have. I'm sure I had a ghost that followed me through several residences when I was a younger bride. We had a ghost that turned on water, turned off lights--and it followed me to three different stated with the same things.  But I also believe in Guardian Angels. I'm sure I have one that helped me survive a car crash that should have killed me. You'll think I'm nuts, but I always have a guardian angel with me--either a statue that is in my car, or a pin I wear. In a severe collision doing 70mph, I fell asleep at the wheel and literally turned my car into an accordion-even damaging and bending the top of the car. The car was totaled, but I wasn't hurt. The only thing in the car not tossed all over was a 3 inch angel statue that sat on my dash.

Wow, that's an amazing story, Hope.  I, too, believe in guardian angels and ghosts.  I'm grateful you survived!  Thanks so much for giving me the interview.  I look forward to having you back for a guest post soon.  

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