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An interview with Author JT Cheyanne

Today I'm happy to host author JT Cheyanne as she kicks off her virtual book tour for her new release, Ocean's Kiss.  Oh, and don't forget to enter the giveaway via Rafflecopter below the author bio.  Enjoy!

Thank you, J.T. Cheyanne, for taking the time to stop by Moxie Girl Musings today.  I really appreciate your time. Can you tell us a little bit about your newest release?

This is my first ever release and I'm really excited you've invited me here to discuss it. Thank you.  Ocean's Kiss tells the story of 
Dominic and Devan . Drawn to the ocean all of his life, Dominic Cole, a retired Navy SEAL, settles in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida to pursue a career in marine biology, and to stay close to his unit. Once there, one of his fellow SEALs arranges a blind date with Devan.

As a child, Devan suffered from a mysterious illness that doctors could not diagnose or treat. On vacation to the coast, Devan walks into the waves and finds a new outlook on the world. One without the illness. When she meets Dominic, she's thrilled to learn he dives and asks for lessons. The attraction sparked on their first meeting continues to grow, and develops into something more, but Devan is scared to reveal her secret. For his own reasons, Dominic tries to keep his distance due to Devan's innocence . Unfortunately, his past comes back to haunt them. Devan's secret saves them.  

What inspired this novel in particular?  I was asked to write a story revolving around water. That presented a challenge. There were so many possibilities. Mermaids, shifters, but nothing seemed to click. My brother is in the Navy so I decided to go with the SEAL. Boy, did I have to do my research to make sure I portrayed them accurately.. But, it was worth it. I enjoyed the way it turned out.

Who is your favorite character in this novel and why?  While I loved Dominic and Devan, my favorite character is Malachi. I'm looking forward to writing his story. He appeared in my mind, strong and sexy. My daughter read the book right after I finished it. She said, "Mom, you have to write his story next!"

What comes first--characters or plot ideas? For this book, the plot idea. Like I said, I was asked to write a story around water so the plot had to reflect that aspect. 

How many books have you written? This is my first release. I currently have another under contract with a co-author. We are also in the process of writing a series together.  This is in addition to the solo works I have in process.

What is your favorite aspect about being a novelist? It's bringing the stories in my head to life, sharing them with everyone. 

What inspires you as an author?  My angel, Laziel. 

What draws you to this particular genre? I love all genres, I remember in fourth grade I picked up my first recreational book. I wasn't reading because I was told to, but because I wanted to. I've read a wide variety of genres since then. My greatest love is vampires, but I couldn't figure out a way to tie the vampire to the water. Maybe next time.

Are there any other genres you can see yourself writing and why/why not? Oh yes. I want to explore. My imagination runs riot. I certainly want to delve into the paranormal world with vampires and werewolves, demons and angels, the entire works. I am presently writing a m/m romanceand look forward to completing it. I firmly support the LGBT community. I'm not sure about the horror genre. My imagination gets too carried away and I can't sleep for the monsters lurking in my head. 

As a romance author, do you truly believe in happy endings in real life?  Yes, I believe in happy endings, but I believe you have to work for them. 

What's your typical writing routine like? I work full time so once I get home from work, I pull out the laptop and pull up whatever manuscript I've decided to work on for the evening. I eat with the laptop in front of me and work until close to midnight. Sometimes I have the television on, I have to watch Dancing with theStars, and other times I hit the radio. I"m more of a music fan.
To you, what's the most challenging aspect of being a published novelist and why? Prioritizing my time between edits, family, work and getting the new stories written. 

Chocolate or vanilla? I am so grinning. Chocolate. 

Dogs or cats?   Dogs. The unconditional love is amazing. 

What's your favorite meal to prepare or are you more of take-out queen?  All of my friends are laughing right now. It's well established I cannot cook. I am the Chinese takeout queen for myself, and my kids could probably recite the dollar menu at McDonald's.  

Tell us 5 little known facts about yourself.  Not sure how to answer that, I'm pretty open about everything.  1. I started writing after being asked to roleplay with the Warden's group on Facebook. 2. I don't like bacon. 3. I detest washing dishes. 4. I love the smell of rain and newly cut grass. 5.  I cry watching movies, television shows or even commercials. My kids laugh at me for the last one.

Ha!  I relate to the crying over movies, television shows and commercials, JT. You are not alone.  Thanks for stopping by, now let's look at the book blurb and excerpt for Ocean's Kiss.  

Ocean’s Kiss
by J.T. Cheyanne
Published by Decadent Publishing
24,000 words (eBook format)
Contemporary Fantasy Romance/Romantic Suspense
Contains Elements of Action
Heat Level: Sensual

Available at:
Decadent Publishing


At the age of seven, Devan McDaniel awakened to a new world full of color, noise, and clarity. On vacation with her mother, she waded into the warm waters of the Atlantic and her life changed. It, the debilitating affliction she’d struggled with since birth, disappeared. But, Devan wasn’t free. To control It, she maintained a strict routine of daily visits to the salty depths. Lack of vigilance sent her careening back into Its black void of sensory deprivation. Devan didn’t mind the swims. She loved the ocean and her Furies. The three dolphins had shown up almost a year after her family moved to the seaside and were her constant companions when she entered the sea. But lately, Devan yearned for more. She longed to find a man who could love her and accept It.

Dominic Cole lived and breathed the ocean. He’d entered the Navy and qualified for one of the elite SEAL teams. After a disillusioning mission, he retired. Unable to separate from his love of the sea, he settled down in Florida, where he set to work as a marine biologist. The small cove he researched offered up many interesting surprises, including three friendly dolphins. Dominic’s peace didn’t last. His highly tuned senses warned him danger lurked.

A blind date arranged by mutual friends brought Dominic and Devan together. Stunned by his immediate reaction to her, Dominic found himself agreeing to diving lessons. In a matter of weeks, Devan mastered the skills required and in the process, fell mask-over-flippers in love with the powerful, stoic instructor. Resisting Devan’s allure, Dominic struggled to keep his hands to himself. When he finally gave in, his worst fears were realized.

Would he find Devan before It and his enemy ended her life?

Ocean's Kiss excerpt:
Devan woke to darkness and fear. Her hands, secured behind her, throbbed painfully from the tight bonds. Tape covered her mouth. Vaguely, she remembered waking and fighting with someone during the night, the cloth over her nose. She’d been…drugged…and abducted. She pushed back the panic and sat up. Quickly, she looked around the small space. Except for the iron bedstead and the bare mattress she sat on, a very barren, depressing room greeted her perusal. No carpet, no windows…nothing. She glanced down and saw she wore one of Dominic’s T-shirts and a pair of pajama shorts. Like the makeshift prison, her feet were bare. She fought off the terror threatening to overwhelm her. 

No time for hysteria, Devan. You have to get out of this room before It shows up. Shoring up her courage, she looked around again more carefully. If she didn’t get to the ocean very soon, she would be completely and totally at the mercy of whoever held her. She would die without even being able to fight her assailant. Galvanized into action, she stood up from the bed, thankful her feet were not also bound. Carefully, she made her way around the tiny area, searching painstakingly for anything to cut through the tape looped around her wrists. Back at the bed, she hung her head, tears stinging her eyes. 

“Dominic’s coming. Be strong, Devan. Help yourself until he gets here.” The mini pep talk strengthened her crumbling resolve. She turned back to the wall and stubbed her toe on the baseboard. A stinging pain snapped her gaze to the floor. A bright spot of red dotted her big toe. She hit the floor, her back to the wooden panels, her hands searching the baseboard. A sob of relief welled when she felt the sharp nail sticking out. Devan contorted her body, trying to reach the spiked point. Painfully, she managed to get the bands around her wrists even with the nail. Working until her arms were numb from pushing against the unforgiving barrier, she finally heard the nail pop through her bindings. With very little room to maneuver, she thrust frantically to weaken her ties. Her shoulders sagged in exhaustion and more tears leaked from her eyes as the tape finally gave way. Her victory was short lived. Heavy footsteps sounded in the hallway outside. She pushed to her feet and hurried to the bed, the tape clutched in her hands. Her head hit the mattress seconds before the door swung inward. The man from the elevator strolled in, a cruel smile on his face.

About the Author:
J.T. Cheyanne resides in the beautiful state of Alabama with her two sons and daughter. An avid reader since fourth grade, she has only just started writing her own stories. She also has several works in progress with a co-author. When she’s not writing, she enjoys coaching cheerleading in her local youth organization.

Visit J.T. online at:

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Again, I'd like to thank you Lea for having me on your blog. I appreciate your support.


Jennivie Wirries said...

Love you, JT, but you know that already. Great interview. Kisses, caresses & whispers in the night, thank you for having this wonderful new author spotlighted on your blog. I ADORED this book!

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I'm always happy to feature fellow authors. I'm glad you liked the interview. Thanks for stopping by.

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I loved this book. The story got me since the beginning and coulnd't put it down until the end.
It's refreshing to find new writters with new ideas not just the same you can find around.
I'm glad you are supporting her work. Good job!! :)

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Thank you so much for J T Cheyanne's interview. It was great to see her on here. I loved her first book and can't wait for the next installment.

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Loved this story! Great characters and I am looking forward to the next one JT.. ya know I've been a fan since the beginning.

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Thank you for the Spotlight and the giveaway. Great interview! I loved the book and am right on side with your daughter about Malachi been next :D

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J.T. you have made a huge fan out of me. I loved the book, am waiting eagerly for your next release.