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Being a pink spotted elephant: Life as a Writer--Writers & Authors Blog Hop

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Being a pink spotted elephant
Amber Lea Easton

A  lot of people think writers are a bunch of drunks with disheveled hair, messy desks, snarky attitudes, and borderline personality disorders with a dash of arrogance thrown in for flavor.  Think Hemingway drunk off his ass running with the bulls in Spain...or me in my pink pajama pants running from a bear in my backyard.  

Okay, so I'm not Hemingway and Colorado bears aren't exactly the bulls of Spain, but I must admit that some stereotypes do apply.

As a writer, I like to think of myself as unique...then I attend a writers' conference and realize I'm not unique, I'm simply an author.  There's nothing better than thinking you're a misfit and then landing amongst your own kind.  Maybe that's why I've always had a soft spot for the toys on the Island of the Misfit Toys in the movie, Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.  Do you know what I'm talking about?  

That's how I felt most of my someone who wanted to be accepted, but was always just a bit off from the norm.  Sure, I held mainstream jobs.  I've been a journalist, a trader at a brokerage house, and a marketing executive; but they never felt right.  I'd put on my suit, smile, do the job, but I'd find myself staring out the window daydreaming at odd times.  I felt like that little pink spotted elephant on the Island of the Misfit Toys most of the time.  

But then I surrendered to my calling and embraced my unique way of being in the world. I immersed myself in the telling of stories, the study of humanity and the craft of writing.  What a relief to stop hiding those pink spots!  I can easily spend a week immersed in words without knowing what time or day it is.  My hair becomes a tangled mess from being stuffed into a clip or wrapped into a sloppy twist.  I'll lose track of conversations with living people because my characters are so much more entertaining...and demanding.  I drink when I want because I really don't give a damn and I'm well over the age of 21.  I'm snarky because it entertains me.  I'm sure there are people who would agree my bursts of drama and sensitivity are proof that I'm "borderline" nutty.  And, sure, I'm a tad bit arrogant at times because writing and publishing (rejection, revision, repeat kind of publishing) is a hell of an accomplishment, especially when I started out as a nine year old scribbling in notebooks on my parents' roof with nothing but a dream and no clear path to attain it.  

So, you see, some stereotypes are dead on.  

I'm still a bit left of center, tend to hang out with my family or a close knit group of friends and observe the mainstream with curiosity.  I wonder...are there any other pink spotted elephants out there pretending to fit?   

Keep hopping along--see what the other writers have to say!  Leave comments, share your insights, broaden our horizons, give us a reason to drink more. Ha. 


Amber Lea Easton said...

For more hopping info--if the link above doesn't work--go to http:// Otherwise, just comment here to be eligible for my giveaway and come back later if needed. Either way, thanks for stopping by Kisses, Caresses & Whispers in the Night!

Jo Linsdell said...

Yay for pink spotted elephants! What a boring world it would be without them...

I'm definitely "borderline" too so it's good to know I'm in good company :)

Kenya G. Johnson said...

Stopping by from the blog hop:

For the most part I'm not a fiction writer so I haven't had the pleasure of being outfitted in pink elephant attire. However, I was a vegetarian for a good chunk of my life and I get the same expression to, "I am a writer" as I did , "I am a vegetarian." Apparently as many of us as there are, its still not a thing.

DLGardner said...

Love to be a part of the in crowd! Spots and all! Great post.

Anne Birdsong said...

Hi Amber, I’m Anne from Life on the Funny Farm (

I'm here by way of Kenya. Great blog hop, great post! And the photo and thoughts of the two girls? Priceless!

mail4rosey said...

My husband can relate so clearly to much of what you've written. He is a true author, but is too chicken to do it (outside of a column contest he did for a few weeks running w/the local newspaper, where he placed second) because of bills.

Stability beat out the dream. I'm hoping he'll pursue his true love when he retires (writing).

Casey Sean Harmon (Bestselling author) said...

Yep, that's about it! Very misunderstood is our way of living. Good post, thanks for sharing.

I am a part of the blog hop, by the way. Please visit my post here:

I am now following your blog. I would appreciate it if you returned the favor. :)


Hazel Nutt said...

Hi Hazel Nutt from the W & A Blog Hop. That's one great post to lead the blog hop, really like your style and I rather like pink spotted elephants.

Thanks to this post, my mum made me a promise today - to try and make sure that I keep true to my dreams.

rlnolen said...

Yes. Hello, my name is Rebecca Nolen. This is my first meeting. I'm a writer.