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The Next Big Thing Blog Hop--Reckless Endangerment

Welcome to the NEXT BIG THING Blog Hop.

What is a blog hop? Basically, it’s a way for readers to discover authors new to them. 

I hope you'll find new-to-you authors whose works you enjoy. 
On this stop on the blog hop, you'll find a bit of information on me and one of my books and links to five other authors who I'm tagging to showcase their next big thing next Wednesday.

My gratitude to fellow author, M.L. Ryan, for inviting me to participate in this event. You can click the following links to learn more about M.L. and her books.
M.L. Ryan’s Next Big Thing:

In this blog hop, my fellow authors and I, in our respective blogs, have answered ten questions about our current book or work-in-progress (giving you a sneak peek). 

We've also included some behind-the-scenes information about how and why we write what we write--the characters, inspirations, plotting and other choices we make. 
I hope you enjoy it!

Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts and questions. Here is my Next Big Thing!

1: What is the working title of your book?  Reckless Endangerment

2: Where did the idea come from for the book?  Current headlines about wounded soldiers with PTSD and also human trafficking.  It makes for a complicated storyline but one I hope the readers feel is compelling. 

3: What genre does your book come under?  Romantic Suspense

4: Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?  
Channing Tatum as ColonelMichael Cedars
Jessica Chastain and Channing Tatum

5: What is a brief synopsis of your book? 
Colonel Michael Cedars doesn’t feel like much of a war hero despite his medals.  Partially paralyzed and transitioning from marine to civilian isn’t easy, especially when he’s married to a woman who seems to always find trouble. He’s not sure he wants to be married anymore; then again, he’s not sure what he wants anymore in the face of his new reality.  
Jessica Chastain as Hope Shane

Hope Shane is a battle scarred war correspondent who’s returned to Denver, Colorado, to fight for a normal life with her husband and to leave the chaos behind. Now a local journalist, she becomes immersed in a human trafficking story that threatens their futures, tests their courage, pushes them both toward each other and forces them to fight for love and justice.  

6: Is your book self-published, published by an independent publisher, or represented by an agency?  Under contract to be published (I haven’t done any self-publishing at this point).

7: How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
Six months

8: What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
I'll go ahead and say my current romantic suspense, Riptide, because of the highly emotional plot line and relatable characters.  Reviews of that one have also said that it reads like a true life story, as if it were taken from the headlines.  No, that's not a shameless plug...perhaps I work too much or something because that's the title that comes to mind.  

9: Who or what inspired you to write this book?
The characters always come to me first.  I simply had ideas for the two characters, Hope and Michael.  The story unfolded from there. Originally, I wrote it as beginning in Afghanistan, but I changed that so that it begins once they’re home. 

10: What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?
It’s relatable.  These characters are both war torn and wanting a normal life back in the US.  They’re not perfect people, but they have such great souls that you’ll find yourself rooting for them to find their happy ending.  

An excerpt of Reckless Endangerment:
He nodded slowly, not taking his gaze from her face.  Anger long gone, heartache remained.  All words sounded inadequate in his brain.  He wondered what had happened that she hadn’t written about, wondered if he would ever know.  Sorrow clung to her.  He had not only failed as a husband, but also as a friend.  
They had once been the best of friends.
“What do we know about being married?” she asked, her gaze focused on a distant spot on the tiled floor.  “Maybe you’re right.  I’m a mess.  You’re a disaster.  Neither one of us is being honest.”  She met his gaze.  “We’re just a couple of liars who enjoyed the danger of sneaking around in a war zone.  We’re the good story without a happy ending that we’ll think about when we’re old and alone.”
He winced.  He deserved that. Hell, he’d been singing the same song.  It felt like a boulder crushed his chest as he waited for the final blow.  
“I understand,” he said. “You don’t need to make any apologies.  I’m a lot to handle.  A disaster, like you said.  Just give me the divorce papers and that will be that.  End of our story.”
“You never really loved me, did you?  Look how easily you’ve discarded us, everything we were.”
“I’m sure you weren’t lonely.  A woman like you doesn’t stay alone for long.  If you need someone’s shoulder to cry on, I’m sure you’ll find a willing guy in a few hours.”
Nothing he said anymore made sense, even to himself.  Frustrated, he left her alone in the bedroom.  All those months--after all of those notes postmarked from around the world--all of those images of her on television--he’d imagined the men drawn to her.  He had imagined her lonely and hurt by his silence seeking comfort from another man.  Hell, maybe it had been easier to imagine that instead of believing his actions hurt her.
“You don’t have any faith in me at all, did you?” She stood behind him.  “Not one ounce of faith.”
He flinched.  Needing more space, he moved to the kitchen and preoccupied himself with looking into the refrigerator.  What to eat, what to eat...
Arms folded across her chest, she stared at her feet. “God, I’m an idiot.  A big fool, that’s what I am.”
“I have faith in you.  It’s me that I’m not so sure about these days,” he said to the orange in his hand.   He peeled the orange without looking at her but knew she paced next to him in the small kitchen.  He chanced a glance up at her and winced at the distant expression on her face.  He hated looking up at her.  Hated it.  He had once been able to lift her up and screw her against the wall if he wanted, but he peeled an orange and wondered what the hell to say next. 
It would be easy to let her back in, as easy as breathing. Talking to her felt like a much needed shot of normalcy.  He dropped the orange to the counter.  “You said we don’t know anything about being married and you’re right.  We don’t.  So what do you want?”  
She perched on the counter, her dress rising up her thighs again.  “I’d like to eat the Chinese I brought.  Devon’s picking me up in a few hours...We’re meeting a source in the park at midnight.  There’s someone we need to find...anyway, I needed a break and, for some reason, I thought you’d be a nice change of pace.”
He grinned without looking away from the skin exposed between the hem of her skirt and the top of her boots.  “You dress like this for a source?”
Her fingers touched his forehead.  “I never really got to dress sexy for you, except in Greece.”
He dragged his gaze over her body before looking in her eyes.  He had no idea what to do with her.  “Who’s Devon?”
“My producer slash photographer.  She’s good...annoying at times, but I like her.”  She caught her lower lip between her teeth and stared at him.  
“Meeting a source at midnight sounds dangerous.”  He smiled because he knew it probably was and that she’d always tempt Fate.  People like her ran in when others ran out.  His smile faded at the memory of her running back into the line of fire to save him.  “I thought we were fighting a minute ago, now you want to eat Chinese with me?”
“Yeah, well, I’m unpredictable like that.” She broke the gaze and reached for the bags he hadn’t noticed sitting next to her hip.  
His hand smoothed up her thigh.  Her skin felt like heaven beneath his fingers.  His thumbs pressed against her inner thigh.  Both hands moved up her leg.  He wanted to undress her.  Taste her.  
She opened her knees...just a little...enough.  He pulled her close and kissed her knee.  She tasted better than heaven.   Fingers moved over red silk panties.  
“I don’t want to hurt you and am afraid I might.  I hear stories of men turning on their wives in the middle of the night, being lost in a nightmare...”  he said against her skin. 
“I can handle you.”  She pulled his hair.  “Have a little faith.”  
“Do you really want to deal with me?  Isn’t your life complicated enough?” Damn, she felt good.  He slid his hands over her hips.  
“Not really.  I’ve been a little bored.”  She inched toward the edge of the counter.  
He didn’t know what he was doing.  Stay.  Go.  Fight.  Flee.  But he did know that this felt right.  Being with her was the only thing in months that felt real, that felt natural.  

Below you will find authors who will be joining me virtually, via blog, next Wednesday. Please be sure to bookmark their sites, and add them to your calendars for updates on their upcoming books! Happy Writing and Reading!

Bonni Sansom

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