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Interview with Author Anne Lange of "Worth the Risk" CBLS Promotions

Please welcome Anne Lange, author of "Worth the Risk" as she swings by on her virtual book tour. There's a giveaway at the bottom of the post, too! Woot! Thanks, Anne, for taking the time for an interview.  I'm happy to have you. 

Thank you for taking the time to stop by Kisses, Caresses & Whispers in the Night today.  I really appreciate your time.

Thank you, Amber, for having me today. You’re just past the half-way point on my tour. It’s been great meeting all these new people.

Can you tell us a little bit about your newest release?

Sure thing. Worth the Risk is a Contemporary Erotic Romance. It’s a reunion love story about two people, Molly and Tanner, who grew up in a small town, fell in love when they were young, and stayed together all the way through to the end of their university years. Then Molly decided to end the relationship- just before they were set to move on with the next phase in their lives. 

What inspired this novel in particular?

I wrote it in response to a submission call looking for Canadian themed stories. The premise is based on a personal experience.

Who is your favorite character in this novel and why?

Molly, because she represents the heart the idea for the story. Telling her story was, in some ways, like telling my own. Although our lives are very different, we both experienced a similar event that we both had difficulty getting over.

What comes first--characters or plot ideas?

For me the plot idea – just the very basic concept – comes first, then the characters, but not necessarily both at the same time. I’ll know the beginning, and have a general idea of the ending. I’m more of a pantser, so I have to figure out the middle once I know both characters, what they look like, how they feel, and what their personalities are.

How important is setting? Does it play an integral role in this story?

Depending on the story, setting can be very important. It can almost be a character in and of itself. That’s the case in one of my current works in progress. As for Worth the Risk, I don’t think it plays an integral role, other than I wanted a Canadian location that was local to the area where the story takes place. 

What motivates your main characters?

Love. The bond they created years ago. It’s what brings them together again.

What is the central conflict?

Inner turmoil. The heroine feels a lot of guilt for not telling her boyfriend years ago about what she went through. And she doesn’t want to relive it now. It’s a little selfish, but aren’t we all, especially with our hearts?

What is your favorite aspect about being a novelist? 

Honestly, it’s the feeling of wow, I wrote that, and the pride that goes with it, especially when somebody likes it enough to want to publish it. And then when somebody close to me says, did you really write that? I’m proud to say “Yes, I did.”

What draws you to this particular genre?

I like hot, sexy stories. And as a reader, I don’t like to be left guessing about what happened behind the bedroom door, so I won’t do that to my readers either. That’s why my stories will always have more explicit scenes. But, I also like a great love story, and with Erotic Romance, you can fit that into almost any type of love story.   

Are there any other genres you can see yourself writing and why/why not?

I’m attempting romantic suspense and paranormal. But again, any story I write will have a higher heat level. I plan to write some BDSM too. I want to have a sexier edge to my stories.  I don’t plan to write fantasy or historical, because I don’t think I have the interest it takes to create the world that is required for those types of stories.

What’s your goal as an author? By that, I mean...why write? Why is it important to you? 

I love to read. Like in all the time. I follow a number of great authors, and when I grow up, I want to be able to do the same thing they do – tell great stories. And, hopefully, people will like my stories enough to follow me. J

If you could snap your fingers and transport yourself anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? 

Las Vegas. I love the climate and the geography. I love the desert. I love to people watch. It’s a great place to people watch.

Tea or coffee? coffee

Night person or early riser?

Neither really, but I like to sleep in, and I like to stay up and read, but only because it’s quiet then, and I don’t want the day to really endespecially if the next day is a work day.

Tell us 5 little known facts about yourself. 

1.  I’m shy (people don’t believe that, but I really am)
2.  I’m a couch potato (at every opportunity I get)
3.  I have nine tattoos
4.  I love to dance to a great club beat
5.  I am addicted to shoes – especially those with 4 inch or higher heels.

Thanks again for the interview. Those heels are HIGH! I love it. Now let's read a bit about "Worth the Risk". 
An excerpt: 
Taking her hand, Tanner led her to a secluded spot at the north end of the beach, a private nook nestled in amongst the trees. The rest of their friends were back at the campsite, arguing over who won that last game of cards.
When they reached the perfect spot, he released his hold on her hand to lay out the blanket. With a flick of his wrists, he let it fly out before it settled in the grass. He unzipped the sleeping bag and laid it opened over the blanket. Kicking off his shoes, he crawled between the blankets of the makeshift bed and reached out to her. She laid her hand in his. With a playful tug, he hauled her down beside him and wrapped the sleeping bag snug around her.
Lying side by side, hands clasped under their heads, they gazed up at the star-studded sky. Water lapped at the shoreline, soothing her, lulling her into a sensuous, romantic state. The chirps of a few crickets and the occasional splash of a frog or fish jumping into the water were the only disruptions in their cozy little universe. The scent of Tanner tickled her nose. He never used cologne, just Irish Spring and him. She rolled her head to peer at him. He lay there, staring at her.
“This is perfect.” Her voice was a whisper.
Without a word, he rolled to his side and canted over her, brushing his lips across hers. His were soft, his touch tender. She couldn’t resist opening her mouth, allowing his tongue to slide inside and dance with hers.
He raised a hand to cup her face as he deepened the kiss. She reached up and twined her arms around his neck, pulling until his chest fell onto hers. His heart thudded against her. Wrapped together, she surrendered to him.
After a passionate embrace, he ended the kiss and cradled her in one arm while the other rested against her lower belly. His gaze held hers as he inched his hand under her sweater, his fingers tiptoeing in a feather-light touch to cover her breast.
She arched her body, pushing her breast into his grasp.
He bent down to devour her mouth again, their teeth clacking together. She giggled. When he withdrew, she gasped at the hot searing look in his eyes. The desire to laugh disappeared. In the moonlight, his eyes were darker than the night. His chest rose and fell with each breath.
“Come here.” Tugging her to a sitting position, he pulled her sweater over her head and dispensed with her bra. Then he laid her back down. The contrast of his tender caresses to the heated attack of his mouth pushed her own arousal to somewhere between a simmer and a boil. He shimmied down her body, taking the tip of one breast into his mouth. After lavishing it with licks and gentle nips he switched to the other, sucking it hard. The cover had slipped off and a cool breeze blew over their bodies, drying their already dampening skin. She hardly noticed. Her shiver had nothing to do with the temperature.
“Oh, yes,” she groaned.
More about "Worth the Risk" and the author...

 Worth the Risk
Author: Anne Lange
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Length: Novella
Word Count: 26,491
Page Count: 118
Price: 3.99
ISBN: 978-1-939194-51-0
Heat Level: 4
Editor: Rachel Firasek
Cover Artist: Annie Melton
Release Date: 1/4/2013

Even the hottest sex might not be enough to ease the pain of the past…
Molly Simpson arrives at a beautiful provincial park, ready to spend the May Two-Four holiday camping with friends. This weekend is the highlight of her year—or it was, until Tanner Daivies showed up. Her high school crush is all grown up, sexy as sin, and he’s demanding answers—answers Molly isn’t sure she can give him. She had her reasons for leaving him all those years ago, but now, sex with Tanner is scorching, and when they’re together, it’s clear they were never meant to be apart. But the past doesn’t want to stay buried, and Molly isn’t sure reliving it is worth the risk…

Author BIO 

Anne Lange grew up with a love of reading. In fact, if you take a close look, she’s got a book with her where ever she goes, and will usually sneak in at least a chapter or ten whenever she can spare a few minutes. She reads many genres of fiction, but prefers to write sexy romance with attractive men, strong females, and always a happily ever after.
While embarking on a career as a romance author, Anne juggles a full time job and a family. She grew up in Southern Ontario (Canada), but now makes her home in Eastern Ontario where she lives with her husband and three children, and Rocky the bearded dragon.

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