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We're getting "Bound" & sexy with Author Lucy Pireel! #asmsg

Today the spotlight is on Author Lucy Pireel! She's been kind enough to answer a few questions and share a bit of her novella, Bound, with all of us. Welcome, Lucy! 

Do you outline or just go with the flow?
-I am a strictly go with the flow kind of author. Even if I have a rough outline, my characters always seem to want to take things into a different direction.

What comes first, character or plot ideas? 
-Plot ideas and characters are formed by what happens to them during the story.

Tell us a little bit about Bound.
-Bound is about a strong woman who knows how to play a certain kind of game and a man who is very glad to find her.
I know that is a very short, and cryptic description, but I suck eggs at blurbs and synopsis so it's the best I can do without giving away too much. :-)

Bound is a BDSM novella so I'm assuming you're not too shy for me to ask you about sex scenes. No, I'm not getting personal, I'm talking about the craft of writing a hot scene. :) As an author, what makes a great sex scene in your opinion? 
-One that makes your blood heat up but reads real while you know it is pure fiction. Build tension and release it into actions by the characters.

Do your family and friends support your genre of choice? I ask because, as a romance author myself, I sometimes find myself defending it. What has been your experience?
-I am very happy to have a supportive group of people around me.

What's been the highlight of your career so far? 

-To read a review by a reader who said that Bound was what 50 Shades wanted to be.

Since becoming an author, has anything about the publishing business surprised you?
-To be honest, not really. Authors are just like other humans, they guard their turf with a great zeal, and yet I've found there are a lot of people genuinely willing and able to help others.

Can you tell us about any works in progress? 
-I'll be very happy to even. I am working on a full length pararom/mystery novel, with strong erotic elements. Vampires and werewolves, demons and human sorcerers, and all have their own agendas. All discover that while they are after certain things in the end the gods get things their way.

Do you enjoy reading for pleasure or does it feel like work these days?
-I love reading for pleasure, but ever since it is becoming increasingly known I review and I am a sucker for accepting books, it does feel like work every now and then.

Who are some of your favorite authors?
-Anne Rice (Sleeping Beauty Trilogy), Milan Kundera, RJ Askew (Watching Swifts) and many more from the Indie Pool.

What does your writing space look like?
-Hahaha, a mess. Think diningroom table with coffee mugs and a plate with a half-eaten sandwich, lots of paper lists and sticky notes.

Do you have any special rituals you need to write? For example, I usually have some incense or candles nearby and listen to music. What calls in the Muse for you? 
-Nope. :-) I don't really have a Muse, me thinks.

Thanks, Lucy! Always a pleasure to host you. Let's take a peek at Bound! I love the cover. 

When a young and successful woman finds starts working for a high end client she finds out he likes to play her kind of games. But will they ever play together? And if they will where will their games lead to?

Bound, a short, erotic BDSM novella, with love, musical references and characters that know what they want.

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More about Lucy

Lucy is an avid reader and writer. She doesn't limit herself to any one genre but tries to read them all. "For one might be surprised if one tries something new" is one of her philosophies.
When she's not reading or writing, you can find her outside on a long walk, or twisted into a pretzel in some yoga pose.
She loves people and interacting with readers and other writers and can be found on Google+, the book of faces and many other places.

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Thanks for hosting me and Bound Amber. I loved answering your questions and you turned it into a great looking post.

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Hmmm. I think you'd have a Muse ona leash.