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Sexy, steamy, whatever you call it, The Surrender of Julia is HOT! Lust at first sight #erotica #asmsg #BDSM

Mmm...first encounters. I love it when characters in both movies and novels meet for the first time. It sets the tone for what's to come. Sometimes there's snap, crackle, sizzle...or maybe there's that slow burn of borderline contempt that you just know is gonna be fun to watch. 

Today Tammy Dennings Maggy is here with her steamy new release, The Surrender of Julia. This is a MFF novel that will have you squirming in your seat. Check out the first meeting…I have a verdict. I vote LUST, but from what I've read of the book, it is oh-so-much-more complicated than that. Explicit excerpt for the over 18 crowd. 

Julia was definitely in her element. All the movers and shakers of the West Coast art world were there for the opening of her gallery—as they should be. She’d been planning the event for nearly two years, right from the moment she first laid her eyes on Jacob at Club 740 in downtown Los Angeles. He was the hottest thing she’d seen in a long time. Well, the hottest man who wasn’t already panting and drooling over her that night.

What attracted her to him the most was the fact he actually had the nerve to turn down her invitation to join her at her private table. Apparently he’d arrived with his brother along with a group of friends and had been otherwise occupied. At least that had been the excuse the waitress gave her when she returned the bottle of champagne Julia had sent to his table.

It hadn’t stopped her. Determined to have Jacob Hartley and by the end of the night, she had managed to find out from the bartender who he was and where he stayed while in town, celebrating his brother’s graduation from UCLA. Letting the goon fuck her against the bar after closing had seemed like a small price to pay. What she didn’t expect was having the bouncer take her up the ass at the same time, but what the hell? Not only had she received the information she wanted about Jacob, she’d been guaranteed free booze and admission to the club whenever she walked through the doors.

Being dressed to the nines at the bar hadn’t seemed to impress Jacob much, so she had taken another approach. She’d showed up at his hotel room in nothing but a black trench coat and four inch high red stilettos.  She offered him three grand a week to model for her exclusively. He’d hesitated only a moment before agreeing to her terms. As soon as he’d signed the contract, she dropped the trench coat she wore and gave him his signing bonus. The things they did to each other that night still made her wet thinking about them, and tonight would be no exception.

 * * *

As soon as he secured the door behind him, she pinned him against it. “Do you have any idea how much I want to fuck you? If this tux hadn’t cost me a bundle, I would have it in shreds right now.”
Jacob’s smile lit up his face and her thong would have been soaked if she’d been wearing one. “What about all of your friends and perspective buyers? Don’t you think they’ll miss the guest of honor?”
Julia nipped his lower lip a bit as she slid his jacket off and tossed it on the overstuffed love seat. “Right now, if the staff is doing what I paid them to do, the guests are busy eating, drinking, and talking about my sculptures and paintings.”

She removed her dress and dropped it where his jacket lay. “Forget about them for now. I’m so wound up and you have what I need to get me back on track. She pulled him toward her glass topped desk. In one swift motion, she tossed the few papers left there, to the floor.  Wearing only her high heels while exposing her Brazilian waxed body, she leaned back and spread her legs wide. Her fingers immediately plunged into her folds to find her clit. As soon as she touched it, she moaned and gushed again.

Within seconds, his mouth replaced her fingers, sucking hard on her already throbbing clit.  His fingers worked her cunt toward another round of spasms. Her ass bounced with each thrust of his hand. Jacob’s tongue swirled around her clit a few more times before he abruptly pulled away.

“Don’t stop, baby. I’m nearly there, again,” she panted.

He dropped his pants to the floor, showing her she wasn’t the only one going commando.

She smiled and beckoned with her fingers. “Don’t keep me waiting, lover. Your dick looks like it could use a woman’s touch.”

Jacob stroked his cock a few times and licked his lips. “Do you have anyone in mind?”

Julia dipped her fingers into her folds once again and then sucked them clean. “Care to take a wild guess? She held his gaze as she lay back on the desk, brought her knees up toward her chest, and gave him a full shot of her dripping pussy. “This is all the woman you’ll ever need.”

He grabbed her hips and pulled her back toward the edge of the desk, filling her cunt with his cock. Resting her legs on his chest, and wrapping his arms around her thighs he pumped into her hard and fast.

Just the way she liked it—the way she wanted it from all of her lovers, even the ones she’d tossed aside. Jacob was the only man she’d ever let fuck her without protection. He’d resisted at first, but soon gave in to her wishes. The feeling of riding him bare back was unbelievable to her. She came multiple times with him from that point on and loved every minute of it.

Two years was the longest time a relationship lasted for her with a man. The time had come to end another one. Things were getting a bit complicated with the good Dr. Carlos and she didn’t think she could keep it secret for much longer, but no matter. Tonight was her night to shine and she needed her muse by her side to complete the package. “Yes, baby, like that. Fuck me harder. Fill me up. Now!”
Her muse always followed orders during sex. With two more thrusts, Jacob erupted deep inside of her, just as she commanded.

She stroked his stubbly chin and purred. She felt completely relaxed and ready to face the rest of her guests without any more tension. Nothing would ruin her night now. Not even a confrontation with Mario, which she’d been avoiding ever since he arrived and seemed hell bent on getting her alone.

“We better get you back into your sexy dress and me into that tux you paid so much money for, before your friends start searching for us.”

She laughed. “We wouldn’t want that now would we?”

L.A. artist phenom Julia Santos appeared to have it all. Her creativity was at its peak and she had her muse and model Jacob Hartley to thank for it. He brought the fire and raw sexuality back to her sculptures and into her bedroom, while her best friend and confidant Carmen gave her a sense of security she’d never felt before.
Afraid of her emerging desire to give herself over completely to Carmen as her submissive, Julia delved deeper into the hedonistic lifestyle she’d come to rely on to help her escape the horrors of her childhood. Her sexual encounters with men didn’t give her the comfort she craved, but led her down the path of self-destruction.
Her behavior caught the attention of the Goddess Fate and her Guardian Angel Daniel. Together they intervene and transport her to the realm between life and death called the Island. There she’s given a choice: stay and wait for her next rebirth, or go back and fight to be with the one who had been there for her through every lifetime.

Will she take the easy way out and leave all the pain behind, or will she choose the long and hard road in order to have her happily ever after with the Mistress of her dreams?

As the founder of Sassy Vixen Publishing, Tammy has a lot on her plate. Not only has she established herself as an erotic romance author with Siren Bookstrand, but she's also published two books of poetry and has many more projects underway. Finding time to write and keep up a full schedule as a veterinarian in a very busy practice in the Pacific Northwest has been a difficult task, but one she takes on happily with the help of her husband, “Mr. Vixen.”
Through her website/blog Behind Closed Doors and her blog Not Enough Time in the Day you can get a glimpse into her hectic schedule.  Now she can add Best Selling Author to her resume as her vampire inspired poetry book The Courtship of the Vampyre is one of the top sellers on Omnilit (ARe affiliate).
The love of books of all genres helped her decide to write under four pen names. This way she's able to tell the stories all of her characters wish to tell whether it's the sweet and sensual or hot and spicy. Speaking of spicy, Tammy is also part of the Four Seduced Muses along with three of her Siren author friends. No topic is off limits with the Muses and that's the way “The Vixen” likes it!
Readers can also connect with her and her alter egos through Facebook and Twitter.

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