Saturday, October 11, 2014

Love Doesn't Need a Translator IN BETWEEN, an Italian love affair on #MySexySaturday #Romance

It's the Sexy Saturday blog hop where multiple romance authors are sharing only 7 words, 7 sentences, or 7 paragraphs from one of their novels that show a sexy moment between their characters as they battle obstacles to fall in love. Welcome to the fun! I'm sharing 7 paragraphs from my newest contemporary romance release, IN BETWEEN, a delicious Italian love affair. Enjoy!

"I am falling in love with you and it annoys me." He shoved his hands through his hair again, his frustration palpable from across the room. "You with your paint and your secrets and your clumsiness and—"
"Hey, now, I am not clumsy."
"See right there! You did it again." He suddenly smiled and walked toward her. "You are maddening on every level and I cannot bear the thought of leaving you, yet you keep trying to get me to go to places like Africa. Why do you do that?"
There were those deadly dimples again. She backed toward the bathroom, the word 'love' hanging in the room between them. Had he really said he thought he was falling in love with her?
She lifted up the hem of her paint smeared t-shirt and teased him with a glimpse of her abdomen. "Shower with me. I wonder how I say that in Italian?"
"Voglio fare una doccia con voi...or something close to that." He pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it away. Without breaking eye contact, he unzipped his jeans, pushed them down his thighs, and kicked them aside. "Did I lose anything in translation?"
             She looked down at his naked body and gulped down access saliva. "I think we're understanding each other perfectly."

A brief blurb of In Between, Book One of Dancing Barefoot

In between responsibilities and dreams…

Jessica Moriarty has always played by the rules: dutiful daughter, outstanding student, productive employee, and loyal friend. But in between graduate school and her 'real life,' she's indulging in her dream of being an artist and abandoning inhibitions while living in Florence, Italy. When she meets sexy photographer, Jacques Sinclair, every fantasy she's had is surpassed by reality. He sweeps her into a romance that pushes her to question what she really wants out of life and tests her resolve to risk it all on love.

But Jacques is a wanderer who prides himself on being a citizen of the world while Jessica has responsibilities pulling her back to the States. Will the crush of real life undermine the love they've discovered in between…?

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