Saturday, December 20, 2014

Fogging Up the Windows Old School Style #RomanticSuspense #MySexySaturday

Sleigh rides are the theme for this week's My Sexy Saturday blog hop; however, White Out has horses, snow, skiing cowboys, and a whole lotta romance, but it doesn't have one sleigh. Here are 7 paragraphs, however, of the main characters getting hot and heavy in the front seat of a jeep in the middle of Main Street Steamboat Springs, Colorado. 
On impulse, she grabbed his shirt and pulled him across the space separating them. If she only had one night left to live—which was a definite possibility—then she wanted to go out on her terms.
"I was a pretty wild kid myself," she said against his lips, "and I used to get whatever I wanted. A real brat, I'm sure people would say. Right now...I want you and I'm happy that you're a stubborn ass who wouldn't stay away. I only hope you won't end up hating me when this is over."
She ground her mouth against his and surrendered to the lust that had been buried too long. The make-out session in the hot springs had been nice, but she wanted unrestrained passion and skin-on-skin contact. Tongues collided with one another as he leaned heavily against her, pressing her against the passenger door.
He shoved his hands into her hair and held her face close while his mouth devoured hers with equal force. Teeth captured her lower lip as he inched back from her face, conscious of them being parked on Main Street in front of busy sidewalk.
Frost lined the interior windows from their body heat.
"You're one helluva rollercoaster ride, babe. We keep making out in cars and public places, don't you think it's about time we take this to the next level? I'm a long way from a teenager and would like to make use of that king-size bed of yours."

"Oh, that's definitely on the agenda."
She's been erased.

As a protected witness, Brandi Simms has given up everything that made her unique to start over in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Blending into the background isn't easy, but it's vital for survival. When her handsome yet incorrigible neighbor—former Olympic skier turned cowboy—decides her aloof attitude is a challenge rather than a deterrent, she knows the only right thing to do is resist.

The secrets she hides are deadly.

Ryan Landry isn't accustomed to rejection. Three-time Olympic Gold Medalist, he's the local hero who came home to run a ranch and be near his family. The mysterious neighbor who seems content to hang out with dogs rather than humans haunts his fantasies and ignites that competitive drive that led him to the world stage.

He's not one to give up.

When her dangerous past catches up to Brandi, Ryan is determined to break through her secrets to find the truth no matter what the cost. Trapped in a whiteout blizzard with unseen threats lurking in the snow, will they get a chance to create a new beginning or will Brandi's past be the death of them?
Keep on hopping! Maybe someone will be in an actual sleigh--that sounds awfully fun, too. :) 


Lucy Felthouse said...

Great snippet, well done!

Linda McLaughlin said...

Sounds good, and I love the cover!