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Warning: May Be Too Hot to Handle #PNR Danger as an Aphrodisiac

It's Frisky Friday and we're featuring a sizzling hot series by Dakota Skye. This is sooooooo good. 
***Adult Content Warning***

Got ghosts? No problem.
Freaky dimensions causing havoc? They'll investigate.
Admit to loving one another? Um...well, that's complicated. 
Are you reading the new paranormal erotic romance adventure series, Uncharted Territory? If not, you should be. 
**All Excerpts Below Are Adult Content**18+ Warning**
Each book in the series is written like a television show with two 'episodes' in each novel. Have you ever watched Ghost Adventures, Destination Truth, Ghost Hunters, or Expedition Unknown? This series is modeled after those. Josh and Bethany lead a team of paranormal investigators all over the world exploring unknown events and places for their show "Uncharted Territory." Along the way, they get into their share of trouble while surrendering to the undeniable chemistry between them.

Where on earth are Josh and Bethany? Take a look below for excerpts from each of the three books currently available in the series.

Book One: Bermuda Triangle and Stanley Hotel Episodes

The words 'cluster fuck' came to mind to best describe their predicament. Bethany pressed a trembling hand to her lips and stared at the sea. No sign of life, not even a sea bird, stirred over the waves. Remembering the gray fog in the water—and the shark that had stalked them—sent shivers of apprehension over her spine. She'd seen some weird things during her travels, but nothing quite as disturbing had ever happened. 
What if we're trapped in another dimension? The thought simultaneously terrified and fascinated her. 
She ripped her gaze from the horizon and glanced around the empty beach. Josh had disappeared into the dense foliage backing the sand to search for any other signs of life. In retrospect, she should have tagged along, but she'd needed time to quell her nerves and didn't want him to see how freaked out she actually felt. 
Their discarded gear had been propped against the foot of a palm tree. She stood on wobbly legs and stretched her arms over her head to loosen up the tightening muscles. They'd had one helluva scare, no denying it. Even for seasoned adventurers like themselves, that had been an ordeal she never wanted to repeat. 
Her thoughts drifted to them swimming toward shore, the shark, and that kiss they'd shared before descending to a sandy bottom. Her heart leapt at the memory of Josh's mouth on hers and marveled at how, even while facing a possible gruesome death, being with him had comforted her. 
She shook off the memory and pushed down the feelings. She'd analyze it someday, but not today when they had too much to figure out. 
"It's wild back here," Josh said as he stepped into view. "The foliage is thick, no paths that I can see, let alone civilization."
"Deserted?" She frowned at the thought and looked down at their gear. They'd gone overboard without much planning, not even a wetsuit. The granola bars tucked inside her dry bag in her gear had been leftover from another trip and had been a bonus. A quick scan of her BCU showed the things she always carried when diving: a knife, compass, flashlight, and parachute cord. It could be enough to survive for quite awhile depending on what else inhabited the island.
"No aliens that I can see." He flashed her a smile before looking out toward the horizon. "I keep thinking about that shark. Bimini is known for its hammerheads. He was alone, though. Odd don't you think?"
She followed his gaze and sighed. The mere idea of what could have happened made her naseaus. "Let's not think about hammerheads. I'd rather think about that mist or whatever it was and where the crew of our boat disappeared to...I keep thinking submarine, but how does that explain how we traveled so far in a split second of time?"
Without answering, he dropped the pile of kindling and coconuts he'd been holding onto the sand. Abrasions sliced his chest and biceps at random intervals, confirming his claim of the density of the underbrush. His hair had dried in random spikes stiff from salt water. When he met her gaze, concern darkened his eyes. 
"I don't believe we're lost to the world, Beth, if that's what you're thinking. We had radio contact with the ship, remember? As for—" he gestured toward the ocean—" whatever happened to get us here, maybe it was a portal of some kind, but not to another dimension." 
"Space-time continuum kind of thing?" She knelt next to the pile of kindling and sighed. "What did we hit? The boat came to a sudden stop like we'd hit something. A force field or what? That all seems so improbable to me."
He sat across from her, long legs stretched out in front of him, and laughed. "Improbable? You say that after what we just survived? What does it take for you to believe in supernatural forces?" 
She hugged her knees to her chest and grinned. "Even supernatural forces have an origin, don't you think?"
"You baffle me."
"Even after all this time?" She tilted her head to the side, adrenaline still pumping hard through her veins and heartbeat fluttering in her throat. 
"You get more confusing every day that I know you." He winked before turning his attention to a coconut. Grabbing a knife, he began carving through the husk. 
She licked her lips with anticipation. Every muscle in her body ached after that swim. Now that they'd made it to shore, she'd allowed herself to feel the anxiety rattling her nerves. She needed a massage and alcohol in the worst way. 
"You're pretty sliced up. You should be more careful." Her gaze skimmed over his chest, appreciating the defined lean muscles. 
His gaze flicked to hers before darting back to his task. "We heard from Don and Jack, they'll be looking for us. I predict that we'll be out of here before nightfall."
"I'm not worried." She rolled her shoulders back and willed herself to relax. 
"Yes, you are. Don't you know by now that you can't lie to me?" He grinned without looking up from where his fingers pried open the coconut. "I'm starving after that adventure of ours. I can't stop thinking about that damn shark. Where did he go? He just vanished. If you hadn't seen him, too, I'd start thinking I'd imagined him."
"Oh, for God's sake, can you stop talking about the shark? I'm more interested in what brought us here, aren't you?" She jumped to her feet and started pacing, unable to fight the adrenaline that pulsated through her veins. "One minute we're cruising along and then—wham—the boat stops. Crew vanishes. We dive only feet away from the yacht and then—wham—we're swirling, almost like we were caught in an underwater tornado—then—wham—we're over Bimini Road. We're stalked by some nutty shark and then you kiss me...why? You thought we were going to die, right? Damn it, I know we do some crazy shit and we've been there, done that with most things, but what the hell, Josh? What brought us here? How can you be sure we'll get back or that anyone heard us? Why is there nothing else alive here? Have you seen one fucking bird? Don't you think that's creepy?" 
Overcome with all the emotions swirling through her, she bent over and pressed her hands against her knees. Never one to panic before, she closed her eyes. One deep breath in...another slow one out. Repeat. 
Josh dropped his hand against the small of her back. "Hey, Ms. Always-in-Control, we're together and we're alive. That counts for something. Let it out. We'll figure it out because we always do."
"Yeah, right, whatever you say." She stood and shook her hands at her side, unable to stop the racing emotions. 
"Hey." He grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her around. "Look at me." 
She opened her eyes in time to see him shove a piece of white coconut flesh against her lips. Slowly, she opened her mouth and began to chew without looking away from his steady gaze. Yeah, Josh Ryder definitely had sexy down to a science. Even in a crisis, he managed to ooze sex appeal and charm. 
Sometimes she really hated the man. 
"Let me go." She twisted free of his touch and stepped back while she finished chewing. 
"Why did you hook up with that guy last night?" he whispered and took a step toward her. 
She swallowed and looked past him to wear the coconut lay open. "I need another piece."
He grabbed her elbow and stopped her from leaving. "Why do you like anonymous fucks rather than the real deal?"
"The real deal?" She snorted and looked him in the eye. "What do you know about that and do you honestly think this is a good time to talk about my sex life? We have many other—"
"Stop it, Bethany." He pulled her close, forced a hand through her tangled mass of hair, and held her head steady. "We could have died, but didn't. Would it be so bad for us to have an honest conversation about what's going on between us? For once we don't have cameras going or anyone to watch our every move."
She swayed toward him as if pulled by magnetic energy. She caught her lower lip between her teeth and indulged in the sensation of being held after such a tumultuous experience. Giving in to temptation would be easy. Living with it would be a catastrophe. 
"There's nothing going on between us. We're partners, that's it."
His eyes searched hers. He slid his hand up her side, fingers gently easing her closer. "We're pretty damn good partners."
"We were just propelled through some mysterious underwater time warp, doesn't that concern you?" 
"I'm not going back in the water, if that's what you're thinking. I know those hammer—"
"I'm not suggesting we go back out." She pressed her hands against his chest intending to push him away. Instead, her fingers splayed against his hard flesh and lingered. "You must think I'm insane to—"
"I think you're the most extraordinary person I could ever know and, if I need to be stranded on a deserted island, I'm happy I'm with you."
Don't look at him, avert your eyes, don't get pulled in. She fixated on his mouth. "This is dangerous."
"We've been in worse situations." He grinned and bent his head to kiss her. 
When his lips touched hers, she knew that a logical woman would push him away and tell him to focus. 
She opened her mouth to his and slid her hands from his chest to his shoulders. 
A logical person would be seeking shelter or preparing a fire or looking for more to eat or...
To hell with logic. 
Lips moved over one another's with deliberate slowness, a direct counterbalance to the erratic energy emanating between them. When he slipped his tongue inside her mouth, she melted against him as if she no longer had free will. Her body hummed with the need for connection. 
Closing her eyes, she savored the taste of him—salty with a hint of coconut. Wet. Hot. Hard. 
He lifted her and, without breaking the kiss, pressed her back against a palm tree. He shoved her bikini bottoms down her hips with one hand while the other undid the knot holding her bikini top in place. 
No longer caring about common sense or mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle, she slid her hand beneath his swim trunks and grasped his erection. The only thing that mattered in the Universe happened right here, right now with Josh. Every sense and each molecule in her being aligned with his. 
The rasp of their breathing surpassed the sound of palms whispering in the breeze.
The feel of his hard cock in her hand eclipsed the scratch of the tree's trunk against the bare skin of her back. 
The sensation of his tongue dancing with hers drowned out the echoes of caution. 
The taste of his mouth became as intoxicating as any alcohol she'd ever known. 
The fact that they could have died—probably should have if the laws of the Universe were applied—amplified the desire to merge their bodies into one entity fueled by passion. Hands grasped at one another, greedy for flesh. Mouths clung to each other as if mutual satisfaction would be the only way to quench their hunger. 

Book Two: Alcatraz and Winchester Mystery House episodes

He smelled delectable sweetness and felt the warmth of a tongue slip across his neck. Moaning, he opened one eye and saw Bethany leaning over him. Her hair had come loose from the haphazard ponytail she'd worn to jog and tendrils stuck to the side of her face. Smiling, she held up a pink bag. 
"Did you run off your edginess?" he asked.
"I met our welcoming committee." She dropped the bag between them and sat cross-legged on top of the blanket. "Wake up. I need to talk to you."
"Beth, c'mon, we've got a long day and night ahead of us."
She opened the bag and tilted the opening toward him, a devilish smile on her face. "Josh...I know you want a taste."
Oh, he definitely wanted a taste. His erection tented the sheet at the thought of stripping her naked and getting her back in bed where she belonged. Surrendering, he pushed up on his elbows and let her feed him a bite of the chocolate doughnut. 
"It's warm," he said, surprised at the hot cream filling that squirted into his mouth. 
"Freshly made." Without breaking eye contact, she stuck her tongue into the yellow cream gushing out of the side of the doughnut and licked it before taking her own generous bite. 
He swallowed hard, unable to look away from her vivid blue eyes. He didn't think he'd ever get used to the idea that she truly wanted him as much as he wanted her. When she extended the pastry in his direction again, he took a bite before sitting up fully and grabbing her wrist. 
"Hey, look at me." He pushed a strand of hair behind her ear and smiled at her look of confusion. "You're all over the place this morning. I need you to focus."
She slid her hand over the erection lifting the sheet and grinned, a tiny fleck of chocolate frosting on her lip. "Anything specific area where you'd like my undivided attention?"
He kissed the corner of her lip and removed the remaining chocolate with his tongue before whispering, "I want you to simply stop moving. Can you do that?" 
"I thought—"
He silenced her with his mouth fully engaging hers. She tasted like Bavarian cream, chocolate, and all of his dreams come true. He kissed her until he felt her physically sag against him and heard her sigh. 
"Josh," she whispered against his lips, "I need to talk to you."
"Talk later." He pushed the pastry bag aside and shifted his weight so that he pressed her back onto the mattress. Getting her to settle down became his sole focus. Manic energy pulsated off of her with the intensity of a summer storm.  
He yanked her t-shirt up to her shoulders before shoving the sports bra beneath her armpits. He nipped first one breast before focusing on the other. All of his attention centered on calming her down and satisfying them both so that maybe—just maybe—they could get a few hours of sleep. 
He liked her sweaty and pumped up. Her heartbeat pulsated against her chest while he caressed one breast and savored the other with his mouth. Her fingers slid into his hair. He nibbled his way from breast to pelvic bone while he shoved the tight yoga pants down her hips. 
He slipped his tongue over her clit in a feather-like movement meant to tease rather than please while he peeled the remaining clothes from her long legs. He'd never get tired of stripping her naked. 
He twisted free of the sheets tangled around his waist and adjusted her legs around him. Meeting her gaze, he laughed when he noticed she held the half-eaten doughnut in one hand. 
"Am I boring you? Are you snacking while I'm playing?" he asked. 
She turned her head toward her hand and laughed. "I forgot I had it."
"Feed me." He crawled over her, his erect penis pressing against her abdomen while he claimed his treat. 
She put the pastry into his mouth before taking a bite for herself. Chocolate and cream slid over his tongue while his eyes locked on hers. They swallowed before kissing each other, the sweetness lingering on their lips as they savored one another. 
Beth slid her feet up the back of his legs before linking her ankles behind his thighs. 
He'd wanted to linger, toy with her, make her squirm, but now he simply wanted to be inside her warmth. Without breaking the kiss, he reached under her hips, squeezed her ass, and adjusted himself to sink deep inside her. He moved slowly, going deep inch by inch until she arched upward demanding his full length. 
Eyes wide open, they stared at each other as their mouths clung and their hips rocked. She sank her fingers into his lower back as he deliberately kept the pace slow and steady. 
"Faster," she urged into his open mouth.
So he went slower, pulling his cock out of her and then easing back inside until she moaned with frustration. Smiling, he dragged his mouth from hers and kissed the side of her neck where she still smelled like sweat, fresh air, and pastry. 
One hand went to her breast while the other supported his weight. He liked making her beg, enjoyed the twisting of her hips against his, loved the feel of her heartbeat pulsating beneath his hands, thrilled at the darkening of her blue eyes as desire consumed her from the inside out and savored the clenching of her pussy around his cock. 
"Josh." She caught her lower lip between her teeth while her fingernails embedded themselves in his back. 
Unable to remain calm and controlled, he slammed himself deep inside her at an increased pace. Her body convulsed beneath him, vagina clutching his penis as her orgasm ripped through her like a wave. He rose up, grabbed her hips with both of his hands and rammed faster until he came with a force that rendered him blind and spent. 
He fell against her and simply breathed for a minute while her arms wrapped him a fierce hug. "That's why we're never going back to separate rooms again."
She laughed against his shoulder, her breath hot against his skin. "You think sex solves everything."
"It does." He rolled from her and eyed the pink bag and the coffee going cold. With a long sigh, he propped up to sitting and gave her a sidelong glance. "So, what were you saying about a welcoming committee?"
She pulled the t-shirt and sports bra free and crawled beneath the sheets before answering, "You know what? It doesn't matter. Now I'm tired."
"Our coffee is going cold."
"There's a microwave." She pulled her hair free of the ponytail before curling around a pillow. Hesitancy entered her eyes when she met his gaze. "Josh...let's not split up at all today. Not just us, the entire crew. I think we need to stick together at all times."
He frowned because that's not how they worked in venues this large. A lot of planning had already gone into deciding on different staging areas. He grabbed the remaining doughnut and took a few bites before looking at her face again. When he saw that she still stared at him with sleepy yet worried eyes, he turned on his side and held the last bite of the doughnut to her lips. 
She smiled before eating it. "You do strange things to my equilibrium, Josh Ryder." 
"That's my plan." He joined her beneath the covers, too tired to shower and not really caring to leave her alone. Twisting onto his side, he mirrored her action with the pillow and grinned. "I figure that if I keep you off balance, you'll be too busy trying to figure me out to ever leave me." 
"Oh yeah?" She touched her fingertips to the side of his face. "You're excited about this Alcatraz investigation, aren't you?"
"Are you going to tell me why you suddenly have cold feet about it?" He scooted closer, exhaustion from traveling and only having a few hours sleep before her abrupt departure earlier creeping into his bones after a mind-blowing orgasm. He wanted more than inside her body...he wanted inside those inner recesses she kept locked away from view. He sometimes doubted he'd ever gain access, though. 
"They're waiting for us," she whispered. "The ghosts know who we are and that we're on our way. I saw one—he was as clear as day in the park. They want us there."

Book Three: Island of the Dolls and Mayan Cave Episodes

Josh pulled Bethany into a cave hidden behind a waterfall in Belize. They had managed to escape everyone for a few hours before their expedition into an underground river. 
Laughing, she reached her hands out to the warm veil of water. “It’s almost mystical in here.”
He nuzzled the back of her neck and grinned when another couple plunged into the lake twenty feet below them. “They can’t see this place, have no idea we’re up here.”
He undid the strings of her bikini top and tossed it behind him.
“Josh,” she gasped, stepping back against the wet cave wall. “How do you know they can’t see us?”
“Did you know there was a cave up here?” 
“No, but you did.”
“I found it when I climbed up here to dive a few minutes ago. Now who has short term memory loss?” He pressed her against the wall and shoved his hands through her wet hair. “I love it when you’re slippery and shy.”
“Shy?” She slid her hand over the front of his swim trunks and grinned when his cock hardened at her touch. 
He peeled her bikini bottoms from her legs before spinning her around so her ass faced him. He’d never been with a woman before Beth that had both the luscious tits and the round ass. 
“Do. Not. Say. A. Word.” He licked the back of her neck.
He kicked her legs apart, reached around her torso to play with her nipples. “Get on your knees, face the waterfall, watch them swimming down there while we’re fucking up here.” 
She complied, breasts dangling heavily, hands on the slippery surface of the narrow cave, face only inches away from the roaring waterfall that spilled into a blue lake surrounded by soaring rain forest and slick boulders. 
He bit her ass and slid his fingers inside of her. Wet, hot and ready. 
Cock in hand, he guided himself into her pussy from behind. Grinning at his order for her to be quiet, he slapped her ass. Hard. 
She pushed her hips back against him as if seeking more. 
He rammed deep into her, hands sliding over her wet back, and gaze locked on the rushing water cascading in front of them. Voices carried from below. Laughter. He curled his fingers into Bethany’s hair and pulled hard until she arched her neck back.
He fucked her while pulling her hair. He liked her whimpering but unable to call out. The spray from the waterfall covered them like a warm mist in the cool cave. 
Releasing her hair, he bit her shoulder and reached around to squeeze her breasts. She continued to ram her hips against him, matching him thrust for thrust until her cunt seized his cock and her entire body shuddered with climax. 
He bit her again, feeling primal and wild hidden from view of the waterfall with her breasts overflowing between his fingers. He came hard inside of her. 
They lingered like that for a few minutes, neither moving in their little hideaway. 
“We’re going to be late,” she muttered finally. “We said we’d meet everyone in less than an hour.”
Josh lightly trailed his fingertips over her back before easing himself from inside of her. “I know. I suppose we should hurry.”
She scrambled out from beneath him to dress in her bikini. “Let’s jump.”
“We might land on them.” He adjusted his swimsuit, knees weak from screwing her on the hard cave floor. 
“So we’ll shout.” Dressed in the black bikini with her ebony hair slick against her neck, she looked like trouble personified when she took  his hand and stood behind the veil of water. “On the count of three, we go.”
“Done.” He laced his fingers through hers, yelled a word of warning to the unsuspecting couple who looked up at the shout. 
With a laugh, they both burst out from behind the waterfall and plunged into the deep blue below. Once on the surface, he crushed her against his chest and ravaged her with his tongue. 
The other couple applauded their entrance. 
“You will never bore me,” she whispered against his lips before swimming away from him. “We need to go. People are waiting.”
“People are always waiting.” He gave their audience a wave, smug that they had no idea how much of the show they’d actually missed.
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