Thursday, July 16, 2015

Calling All #Romance and #Erotica Authors!

Psst...did you know that Sundays are one of the highest book selling days? We do. It's also a day when people are chill'n at home--unlike Saturdays that are usually very busy. So guess what we at the Mile High Muses have put together? A Scintillating Sunday blog hop! And you're all invited to join every week.

What is it? Multiple authors share eight words or paragraphs only of their novels or works in progress that embody the word 'scintillating.'

When? Every Sunday by 8AM US Mountain Time (10AM Eastern)

How? Sign up below! So....easy! Copy the graphic from this page and place on the top of your post, then tease us with a scintillating EIGHT paragraphs of your work, copy the linky code and paste into the HTML of your post, add the hashtag #ScintillatingSunday to your headline, and then sit back and let the cross-promotion begin! Soooooo easy!

Who? Romance, erotic romance, and erotic authors--multiple heat levels are participating so go ahead and be sexy, but keep in mind that the audience is broad.

Let's do this!

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