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Love is Madness--Sanity is Overrated #SecondChanceRomance #ScintillatingSunday

She abandoned him an ocean here he is in disheveled, irreverent glory...and she has one more chance to choose between what others expect from her and what her heart begs for...
Dancing Barefoot

Welcome to the Scintillating Sunday Blog Hop where multiple romance and erotic romance authors share a piece of their novels. Here's a glimpse inside the riveting and emotionally powerful contemporary romance/women's fiction novel, Dancing Barefoot. 

He disentangled himself from her hold and rolled to the side.  He laughed at the ceiling. "This is madness."

"Love is madness. I think a poet said that...or is it a song?"

"Insanity. We can't pretend that we've never been apart, that we haven't lived full lives without each other. We're not twenty-seven and wild anymore."

"Oh, I think you're still pretty wild."

He laughed again without looking at her. "We aren't being realistic."

"Why not?" She propped up on an elbow and studied his face. "No more secrets between us, no matter how insecure we are about them. We'll give our relationship a chance this time. Be mad with me, Jacques."

"Are you capable of embracing madness, Jess? What will people say?" His lips twitched when he met her gaze. Boldness darkened his eyes to deep green.  

She sank against his chest and nipped his chin with her teeth. "You bring out my inner wild child and I like it."

From the back cover...

Naked photographs plastered on a book cover remind Jessica Moriarty that the past isn't as dead as she'd assumed. Her carefully constructed life as an architect on the fast track to partnership is threatened by a love she'd abandoned five years ago when responsibilities had trumped dreams.

World-renowned photographer, Jacques Sinclair, could have chosen anywhere in the world for his book signing and photography exhibit, but he'd come to Boston to shake things up. He wanted answers, but they aren't what he expected.

Reunions aren't always happy—sometimes they stir up unwanted pain and forgotten passion. As Jacques and Jessica stumble their way back to one another for a second chance at love, they're ensnared in a web of conspiracy, manipulation, and sabotage designed to keep them apart. Will they be able to break free of the ties that bind them to seize the love of a lifetime? Or will the pressure to conform rip them apart forever?

**This is the conclusion of the two part Dancing Barefoot series, yet can be read as a stand-alone. However, to get the full impact of the love story, the author recommends reading book one, In Between, that serves as a prelude to Dancing Barefoot.**

Snippets of a few reviews...

4 stars via Avid Reader
"I loved this story. It was refreshingly honest, brutally tragic, and at times lyrical in it's flow. Their connection was so intense that as I read it, I was like this absolutely cannot survive. Love this intense and in your face has a slow burn to it, and will torch everything in i's path until it is stamped out...There was nothing contrived about it. I felt like I was literally a fly on the wall and this was happening in reality and not fiction land. I liked them both, probably one of the best couples I have ever read."

5 stars via ChristophFischerBooks
"Conflicting emotions and insurmountable chemistry cause both of them to reassess the past, their current lives and priorities. Easton shows the magnetic and hypnotic effect of physical and emotional attraction very well and the gradual crumbling of outer facades and deep inner resolve. This is a romantic fantasy written in a convincing and heart warming manner and with enough complications thrown in to make for a very entertaining and gripping read."

5 stars via Sglas, Amazon reader review:
"Excitement, intrigue, twists and turns! Dancing Barefoot has it all. Very hard to put down."    

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