Wednesday, January 6, 2016

All Romance Hot New Winter Releases #RomanceNovels

The snow is coming down, the temperatures are falling, and spring seems like an elusive concept. It's the perfect time to curl up with a new hot book with a gorgeous book boyfriend (or two or three) and lose yourself in a fantasy. All Romance Co-Op presents three new releases guaranteed to keep you warm on these long winter nights.

Crossroads by Gale Stanley


Long time lovers, Louis Abellard and Jesse Trudeau work in a Voodoo shop in the French Quarter. Jesse is a believer, but Louis turned his back on the spirits when they allowed his mother to die of cancer.

When Jesse is hospitalized with leukemia, Louis is desperate to save him. He’ll do anything—except ask the spirits for help. Then one night an unlikely ally makes contact, and Louis finds himself at a crossroads. Maybe it’s time to revisit his past and confront his inner demons.
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 Daydreams, collection of paranormal erotic fantasies 
Dakota Skye

Daydreams, moments of what-ifs and possibility.

Imagine...a ghostly mariner haunting the shores of Ireland who reminds a lonely woman how beautiful life is...a bounty hunter who gets more than he bargained for with his bail-jumping witch of a jewel thief...and a bar owner who discovers the joy of being loved by two other-worldly visitors trapped in a desperate situation...Daydreams, a collection of paranormal erotic short stories.

Escape the madness of the world, indulge your naughty side, and lose yourself in fantasy.

**sexually explicit, paranormal, and some dark themes**
Invisible Ink by Elisabeth Joye

Lex has never felt more exposed. 

She has just allowed Jake Reed, the lead singer of rock band Inkjet, to undress her and tie her to a chair backstage after a show, only to have him leave to go sign autographs. 

In the start of a dark, obsessive relationship that will lead Lex, a 20-something public relations professional form L.A., to lose herself almost entirely as she struggles to break through her sexual boundaries without falling in love with Jake, an intimidatingly gorgeous Hollywood actor/rock star who closely guards his emotions. 

What starts as a series of casual hookups ends up a powerful addiction that will push Lex past all her sexual boundaries as Jake moves repeatedly in and out of her life, making few promises along the way. Lex fights to keep a sense of herself while she succumbs to Jake's glamorous world and his irresistible allure. 


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