Sunday, March 6, 2016

Ready to Get Wet? Dive Into Proximity #ScintillatingSunday #RomanceNovels

Sometimes the love you're looking for is only a heartbeat away
 Best friends trapped beneath the earth's surface during a cave dive in Costa Rica that went terribly wrong during an earthquake. They've been separated from their friends who could be either alive or dead, they don't know. Sunlight has been lost, aftershocks are causing the underwater labyrinth of caves to collapse...there may be no way out...

Peeking inside the romance adventure novel, Proximity...

He covered her mouth with his to shut her up. Or to calm her down, she didn't know which. And she didn't care. 

She kissed him with every ounce of passion she possessed because she'd nearly died. And when she was frantically searching her way around the labyrinth of dead coral and fossils, all she could think of was that she would die with Bill thinking she'd rejected him. She wound her fingers through his wet hair and crawled onto his lap. 

He slid down the zipper of her wetsuit, his tongue eagerly colliding with hers, as his fingers slid over the bare skin of her back. Call it adrenaline, call it shock, call it destiny, she didn't care, she simply wanted his body. Bill's body. Her Bill

She wanted him like she'd craved sunlight moments ago. She needed his touch, his warmth. She peeled him out of his wetsuit, too, wishing she could see him, but finding it strangely erotic that she couldn't despite them being meshed at the mouth. It's like they'd been thrust into a sensory-depravation unit and could only feel each other's heat. Skin-on-skin they rolled back onto the cold rock, hands fumbling with the little fabric that remained between them, lost in the sensation of being alive and together and blind. 

His hands molded over her bare breasts and he moaned as if finally claiming her satisfied him deep in his core. His teeth nipped at her neck before he slid further down to find her nipple. 

She blinked at the pitch black and surrendered to the sensation of his warm body on top of her contrasting with the cold rock beneath. Hands in his hair, she held on, afraid of letting go and having him slip away into the unknown. 
"I don't want to stop," he muttered against her breast. 

"Then don't." She shifted, relying purely on touch, until they were once again face-to-face. "I want you inside me, Bill. I don't want to wait."

From the back cover...

-->Love sometimes hides in plain sight.

Savannah is one of the boys—fun loving, adventurous, a general contractor, and dive master extraordinaire. There isn't much she takes seriously about herself, or at least that's the impression she likes to give off. Women often misjudge her based on her looks so she's gravitated toward a group of men who accept her 'as is'—her Scuba diving club.

Bill has known Savannah's wild side for years and has been comfortable playing the role of best friend. As part of the Dallas Divers, he's shared many adventures with the group from diving the Blue Hole in Belize to exploring the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. When the team heads out to Costa Rica for a series of cave dives, he knows something is off but can't justify his nerves.

Catastrophe happens shortly after their immersion in the cave. With the entrance blocked from an earthquake and separated from the rest of their team, Savannah and Bill are forced to find another way out while battling aftershocks, rising tides, and an undeniable attraction that they've ignored for too long. The question becomes, what's more dangerous...the earthquake or love?

**The Wanderlust Series consists of stand-alone adventure romance novels. Occasionally, characters from previous novels may make a cameo, but each story truly does stand on its own merits. 

Begin the adventure now! 

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