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Delicious Lies in the #NewRelease Decadent Deception #PNR

Celebrating Dakota Skye's new sizzling erotic paranormal romance paired with a riveting suspense plot. Is he a good guy or a bad guy? Is she a witch or simply a baker? Santa Fe sets the scene in this electrifying erotic thriller. Take a glimpse inside--Adult Content Warning. 

From the back cover

The truth will set you free...or destroy you. That's the issue that psychic Lisa Vanderveen struggles with when she meets Blake Santore. A baker slash animal communicator, she is taken off-guard by the sexy man with the sad dog who has a past too terrible to fathom. Telling him the truth of what she sees could send him on a path of revenge and destruction, but keeping silent could be equally destructive in the long run. 

Blake Santore believes his family is dead. A man on the run from his past, he and his dog Greg settle in Santa Fe, New Mexico for some semblance of peace. Tempted by the smell of pastries and the eccentric blonde who runs the bakery, he takes up a daily sugar habit. When his veterinarian refers him to her for his dog's behavior issues, he is unprepared for the news she delivers that unravels his already fragile world. 

Is she telling the truth or is she a lunatic? Blake doesn't believe in psychics, but then again he hadn't believed he would ever take his dog to an animal communicator before now either. The story she suggests is an unbelievable act of betrayal. Has his ex-wife truly faked her death and the death of his children? If so, why? Where are they? If true, then he wants revenge. 

Is he a good guy or a bad guy? Lisa can't tell, but the chemistry between them is too hypnotic for either to ignore. Her visions open a door of treachery, danger, and intense erotic exploration as they navigate their way toward truth. Will the reality of the deception crush their love, get them killed, or ultimately set them both free? 

Adult content excerpt

He still had so many questions...the idea that his children could be out there, had been alive for two years, growing up who-knows-where with his bitch of an exeven though shehad'died'before signing the divorce papersdrove him insane. 

Yet here he stood, barely restraining himself from unleashing on her, drinking a beer on a patio overlooking Santa Fe as if he hadn'tjust received the second biggest shock of his lifetime. 

"I've handled this badly and I'm sorrynot just for blurting out the information on your family but for my attitude," she said after a long silence where they enjoyed their dinner and beer. "I thought you knew, that you were searching for them, maybe because I sensed that you have unsettled business, that you've been moving, but I shouldn't have been so direct." She glanced toward his face before looking toward the view. "I'm out of practice. There's a reason I prefer working with animals and alone in the kitchen of the bakery. That's no excuse for my hostility and premature judgment, though."

He nodded slowly, digesting the information with more tact than hehad done earlier. "It's not something I talk about."


"I didn't realize I was messing up so muchGreg, my kids,all of it. I guess I'm a giant all-around fuck-up, Lisa. You'd better hope that premonition of us is wrong because I will ruin your peaceful life." He snorted with self-loathing and considered grabbing another beer. 

She stood abruptly and started clearing off the table. 

He grabbed her wrist when she reached for his plate. The zap of energy that leapt from her skin onto his caused him to drop it as fast as hehadgrabbed it and push back from the table. 

"What are you?" The energy sizzling from her skin had felt like an electrical shock that had boiled his blood. Looking at her now, with the red glow of the setting sun reflecting on her skin, he felt as if he was encountering a being from another world. 

She stood frozen in place, face averted, and chest heaving with rapid breath. "You should go."

He stepped a few paces backward and waited. 

Waited for her to blurt out another revelation. 

Waited for his body to stop trembling with the need to get naked.

Waited for his brain to snap out of whatever spell shehadput him under. 

Waited for her to say somethinganythingthat would convince him to flee when he wanted nothing more than to stay. 

When she finally lifted her head and looked at him, the need in her eyes erased all hesitation or doubt. 

He strode to her, grabbed her face between his hands, and crushed his mouth against hers until she sank against him and clutched at his shoulders. 

He didn't want to think. 

He didn't give a shit about consequences. 

He didn't want to hide behind self-control and self-denial and self-delusion. 

He wanted to indulge in primal instinct. 

He peeled the tank top from her while she yanked the t-shirt from him. They were a tangle of hands and fingers and lips as they tripped their way to the lounge chair. Clothes fell aside until they were skin-on-skin. 

She bit his shoulder. 

He squeezed her breast. 

He had never wanted to fuck anyone like this beforepure fucking. Animalistic. Hot. No talking. No thinking. 

Mouths merged in a heated kiss while he rammed his cock into her without mercy. The tightness of her pussy urged him on, begged him to go harder and faster. He couldn't get enough. His hands were on her breasts, thumbs tormenting her nipples. His shaft plunged deep inside of her, hips grinding against hers. Tongues clashed inside each other's mouths, insistent, almost urgent in their dance. 

The heels of her feet dug into his ass, holding him tight against her as her soft body pressed against his with equal passion. She tugged at his hair until it felt like strands were being pulled from his skull. 

He wanted to come but tried to wait her out. He slid one hand between their bodies and moved his finger over her clit. 

She bit him again, sucked his neck, nipped his jawline. Her hot breath teased his skin when she moaned and her body lurched beneath his. 

He came with a shout into her open mouth. He hadn't given one thought to protectionand he hadn't given a damn. 

Chest heaving against hers, he buried his face in her hair and squeezed her breast one more time before sliding his hand to her back and pressing her close. He shut his eyes and indulged in the feeling of his penis firmly entrenched in her body with her legs and arms holding him tight. 

"Let's do that again," she whispered against his ear. 

He smiled, any fear of this being awkward erased by her simple suggestion. "I noticed you had a hot tub."

"Sex in the hot tub sounds like the perfect way to end the day." She pushed her hands through his hair and urged his head up to look him in the eye. "To think I couldn't even look at you this morning and now you're cock deep inside of me—strangehow the Universe works."

"Why couldn't you look at me?" He kissed her again, slowly, savoring her as he'd enjoyed her various baked goods. When he looked her in the eye, he noticed them deepening in color and felt her slight emotional withdrawal thanks to his question. "Are you a witch?" 

She laughed as an answer and smacked him in the shoulder. "I'm not a magical being of any kindjust a psychic slash animal communicator slash baker. Are you a witch?"

He widened his eyes and shifted his weight, conscious of the fact that they were still joined together. "Me? I don't do anything remotely magical."

"Oh, I don't know about that..." she slid her fingers down his back and cupped his ass. "You managed to get my clothes off after knowing me less than two hours. That's pretty magical."

"From my point of view, it was a mutual seduction." 

"Mine, too." She winked before wiggling free of him and scooting to her feet. With a sigh, she stretched her arms above her head toward the night sky and sauntered toward the hot tub. "Come on, Magic Man, I'm ready for round two."

Already hard at the idea of sinking into her again, he followed like a dog in heat. 

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