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A Delicious and Decadent Deception #NewRelease Erotic #PNR

Shining this spotlight on this funny, smart, suspenseful, and sexy as hell new release by Dakota Skye--did I use enough adjectives? You MUST read this book. It is action-packed with passion and a mystery to keep you guessing--oh, and did I mention there are dogs? It is a must read! Go and get it today! First, read the blurb and excerpt below. 

From the back cover

Sweet temptations, sinful secrets, and scintillating seductions—psychic Lisa Vanderveen sees it all and wants to do whatever it takes to change Fate. But Fate is determined to toy with her by bringing the man of her visions directly to her door. 

Blake Santore does not believe in psychics, let alone an animal communicator, however, he will do anything to help his best friend, a German Shepherd named Greg. He is unprepared for the shocking tale she weaves of a deception so unforgiveable it rocks his already fragile world. 

Together they are bonded by undeniable chemistry and a deep need to uncover the truth. Their quest leads them on a dangerous and erotic journey. Secrets are revealed and desire clouds rational thought. Will the truth set them free or destroy their lives? Will love triumph over the need for revenge? 

Excerpt--adult content

She waited for him under the awning, the keys to her Mini dangling from her fingertips. He snagged them before grabbing the back of her head and grinding his mouth against hers. 

Wanting more than anything to make her laugh again, he dragged her into the rain without releasing her mouth. He crushed her body to his and thrust his tongue against hers until she curled her hands around his neck. Rain pelted his head and soaked through his shirt, but he didn't care. 

"Blake," she gasped against his lips.

He sucked on her bottom lip and stared into her eyes. "What?"

"We're soaking wet."

"So?" He moved his hands over her back before molding them to her ass, uncaring that they were blocking the entrance to the restaurant or that people darted by them on the sidewalk trying to get out of the rain. 

She laughed, her breath warming his skin. "Are you going to fuck me right here against the side of the building?"

"I'm thinking about it." He gave her ass a final squeeze before stepping away and snagging her hand. Hehadgotten the response hehadwanted. Laughing, he pulled her toward her Mini-Cooper

They both collapsed inside the car, completely soaked to the skin, and laughed at their predicament. 

"We're acting like children," she said with a smile as she adjusted the heat. 

"Children don't do what we do." He winked before focusing on driving them out of the city. 

Cobblestone roads rushed with water, the storm turning streets to streams. With the swooshing of the windshield wipers and the sound of their breathing over the quiet music from the radio, the confines of the car created an erotic setting where their body heat steamed the inside of the windows. 

At a stoplight, he glanced toward her and noticed her nipples standing erect against the thin fabric of the dress. Her mascara had run a little, creating a shadow beneath her eyes and her lips were swollen from his rough kiss in the street. Droplets of water clung to her bare knees and he wanted nothing more than to lick them from her skin. 

Abruptly, he pulled over into an alley and shoved the car into park. Without waiting for her to speak, he jumped out of the car and raced around to her side. He yanked the passenger door open and pulled her out. 

"What the hell, Blake?" 

"I can't wait one more minute to sink myself inside you." He pushed her up against a brick wall and peeled her dress up and over her head before she could react. 

She automatically covered her bare breasts and looked up and down the alley while licking rain off of her lips. "We could get arrested! We were being followed."

"Do you see anyone following us? I don't." He nipped her neck with his teeth before ripping her lacy panties from her body. 


"Saying my name like that only makes me hornier." He worked his zipper down before wiggling free of his jeans and underwear, needing to free his throbbing erection. 

Before she could say one more word, he grabbed her ass, lifted her up, pressed her hard against the wall, ground his mouth against hers and thrust deep inside her warmth. He loved the wildness of the moment, hadn't realized until hehadmet her how desperately hehadcraved losing control and forgetting the world. Now that hehadbeen unleashed, however, he doubted hewouldever be able to rein himself back in. 

He slid his mouth down her neck and squeezed her breast with his left hand. He didn't care if they were caughthell, the idea actually turned him on even more. Water pooled around their ankles and dripped between their bodies. A clap of thunder echoed through the narrow alley. 

Her fingers pulled on his hair, her legs tightened around his hips, her high-heeled shoes ground into the back of his thighs, her cunt convulsed around his dick in orgasm. 

He bit her shoulder before returning his attention to that delectable mouth of hers. God, he could survive onthe taste of her alone. He came with a final thrust deep inside of her. The thunder drowned out his own shout of ecstasy. 

She laughed against his mouth and smoothed her hands over the side of his face. "You surprise me."

He pulled free of her and kissed his way down her neck, between her breasts, over her abdomen, and down her legs before picking up the discarded dress and looking up at her. 

"You are so damn beautiful," he said.

She grabbed the useless dress and jumped into the front seat naked. "I'm going to get pneumoniaand die. Can we go home now?"

He pulled up his jeans and adjusted himself as he walked back to the driver's side. Satiated, he settled behind the wheel and took a minute to observe the naked and wet woman next to him. When they made eye contact, they both burst out laughing. 

"You know those people in New York you asked about?" he asked as he leaned in for another kiss. "They would all be shocked and scandalized if they knew what we just did."

"Most people would be, I think," she said against his lips. "Now let's get home. I'm naked and freezing."

He needed no more encouragement. He also wanted to get home, see his dog, unpack the new clothes he bought, and curl into a warm bed next to this woman who brought out a side of him hehad never known existed. 

"For the record, I've known more lawyers than a normal person should ever know," he said as he downshifted the car into overdrive. "I'm happy you're a baker slash witch."


"You cannot deny it." 



"I'm happy you came to Santa Fe." 

Her wet fingers curled over his wrist and, in that moment, he wanted to shout with joy and relief. Maybe, after all of the running, he had finally found home. 

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