Friday, August 31, 2012

The art of kissing

 For this sexy series, I'm talking about how YOU can step up the sexy in your life.  Today it's kissing, tomorrow lingerie, after that...who just keeps getting better.  (check out the links to the other BeSexy posts!) You may not be able to control other people, but if you feel confident and sexy, it's amazing what can happen in the romance department.  Trust me.  I'm a romance writer, right? *wink*

Ah...the sweet satisfaction of a kiss.  Sometimes this art form--yes, I said art form--is lost over time in a relationship or we get stuck into thinking it's merely the joining of lips.  A kiss communicates passion and wanting.  More than stimulates desire.  Why not mix it up a bit?  Experiment?  Your lips can be creative when you let yourself go.

The eye kiss:  This isn't as weird as you might think.  It's actually very sweet and romantic.  Start with other kisses--like the standard lip kiss--to lull your partner into a state of relaxation.  When his/her eyes are closed, press your lips gently over one eye and then the other.  Return often to the lips to keep your partner satisfied, treating the eye kiss as the novelty it is.

The ear kiss: For some people, the ears are one of the most sensitive places on the body.  Kiss the earlobe as if it were a lower lip--suck it, nibble on it, tug on it with your lips.  Make little mmmmm sounds. Breathe softly against your partner's skin...the sound of your breathing is exciting at a time like this.  The trick here is to be careful about the volume of your sounds or breathing directly into your partner's ear.  Go easy.

The sliding kiss:  Think of this one as savoring your partner.  Slide your lips across the mouth, over the face, down the neck, over the chest...anywhere you want.  The key here is to sliiiiiiiide your mouth over the skin as if savoring the contact.

The neck kiss:  I know what you're thinking--hickeys from high school, right?  No.  By massaging the neck with your tongue rather than biting or sucking, you'll avoid leaving your mark where it's not wanted.  Of a recent kissing survey, 97% of women and 9 out of 10 men find the neck the most arousing place to be kissed aside from the mouth.  After a few kisses on the mouth, drop down and kiss the side of the neck.  Place tender kisses in the hollow of the neck (the depression where the chin touches if you bend your head all the way forward), lick as if you were drinking from a cup.  From behind, exhale onto the back of your partner's neck as if marking your target, then bite and kiss that spot--gently.  Nipping but not sucking.

The biting kiss:  Ah, things are escalating when this comes into play.  A biting kiss is sophisticated, sensual, playful and serious--it conveys affection, deep desire and controlled aggression. It's most often implemented when things are really heating up between you.  The first rule here is "be gentle"--seriously, we're not vampires out for blood.  Nip deep enough so that you're able to lift the skin with your teeth.  If you're careful, it won't hurt--or I should say it'll hurt in a good way not in the "get the hell off of me" way.  You can also vary the kiss between using your teeth or lips only for different sensations.  Here are some don'ts---Don't try it on a first date, know your lover well before venturing into the realm of the biting kiss.  Don't draw blood.  Don't try biting through clothes, you'll only end up getting a mouth full of material and perhaps ruining a good shirt.
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Tammy Dennings Maggy said...

Kissing is my all time fave thing to do with my hubby. Every single time he kisses me, I melt. Even if it's just a quick peck before we head off to work he makes my pulse race.

Then there is that fantastic french kiss...ooooo...I turn into a giggling teenager every time and he LOVES that.So you can guess what happens next....lots of kissing! LOL


Amber Lea Easton said...

Hahahahaha! I love you guys. Kissing is one of the best things we humans can do--I say do it often!

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