Tuesday, November 13, 2012

An interview with the lovely poet, Mandy Buffington

Today I'm switching things up with an interview and poem from the lovely poet, Mandy Buffington.  

Can you tell us a little bit about your journey as a poet?  
Most of my life I have been writing. I started writing in general as a child where I made up stories thanks to a grade school teacher that gave us the ability to write whatever we wished in each journal entry; however, the start of main writing came in 1997 when I started writing novels and poetry.  Writing has been something that truly became a huge part of my life and is truly a part of who I am.  

What inspires your creativity? 
My husband, my close friends, writing prompts, and God.

Do you have favorite poet?  
Robert Frost, especially The Road Not Taken.  This has always been my favorite poem since I first read it.

Aside from poetry, what other things do you write? 
Articles, Short Stories, Novels, and Blog series.

Any new projects you'd like to tell us about? 
Life as a Medical Anomaly and will be working again on one of my novels.

How long have you been writing?  
Seriously, since I was 16 so 15 years.

If you could go anywhere in the world right now with one person, all expenses paid, where would you go, who would you take and why? (this is hypothetical by the way--I'm not a lotto winner! LOL)  I would say Paris, France with my husband.  I have always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower and with my husband it would be a wonderful experience.

Tell us 5 little known facts about yourself:  I am naturally introverted but became extroverted in High School, but can revert to Introverted on certain things.  Poetry comes easily to me, but I have stretched myself and gotten good at writing stories.  I love national novel writing month, I usually participate but I also do the November Poem a Day challenges, if not in November than later.  I am very involved in Yahoo! Groups and have been since 1997, this is a place that I pour a lot of heart into other than my writing.  I tease when talking about my writing that I am everywhere as I post my writing on Yahoo! Groups, Yahoo! Voices, Triond, Wikinut, Facebook, and Deviantart.

A poem by Mandy Lynn Buffington...

Love Is Truly Magical

Love is truly magical,
It transcends time and space,
It believes in miracles and beauty,
It believes in joy and wonder,
It believes in romance and sweetness,
Love is truly magical,
It does not need actual magic to come to be,
It does not need anything but the leading of God,
It does not need anything fancy just the realness,
Of the emotions and depth from each heart,
Love is truly magical,
It believes in everything that is wonderful,
It believes in dreams that can and will come true,
It believes in everlasting and eternity,
It believes in waiting for the right one,
And holding to that person through everything,
Through the good times,
The bad times,
And everything in between,
Love is truly magical,
It is wonderful and lovely to those that truly believes,
Believes in the true design of love,
And everything in the true power of it,
To the very depth of dying to self,
And supporting everything toward the other,
Believing in their dreams,
Believing in their hopes,
Believing in everything,
Knowing that the two have become one,
Love is truly magical,
It desires the hope of the other,
It desires the pure joy of the other,
It desires to continual love,
That never ends,
And continues to build every day,
And that is why love is truly magical,
Especially when you find your true love,
As I have with my husband,
And you hold onto the increasing love everyday.

By Mandy Lynn Buffington
Dedicated to Troy Buffington

Writing is Passion. Writing is Life. Writing is a gift you give yourself.
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