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Festive Friskiness--Hot Winter Nights Blog Hop

Welcome to the 2nd day of Hot Winter Nights Blog Hop and Giveaway! (Winners announced on December 6)

 On this blog, I'm giving away a $25 Target gift card to help out with some stocking stuffers this holiday season; however, the grand prizes are HUGE and listed below my post.  In order to win either the grand prizes for the overall hop or the prize here, you MUST leave a comment that includes your email address.  (and if you don't comment, you don't win, pretty simple. Comment link is at the very bottom of the post, beneath the links to the other hops!) that the schpeel is over...let's get sizzling...

My four day series during this hop is all about spicing up these winter nights (and days)...

Hmm...when given the idea of hot winter nights, at first I thought of fireplaces, hot chocolate and snow.  However, living in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, that's not much of a stretch for me so I challenged myself to think outside the box.  That made me think, "hey, maybe other people need to be pushed to think outside the box, too!"  Here are some ideas for getting out of our comfort zone and stirring things up in the bedroom!

Frisky festivities for you and your special someone to ignite a fire in the bedroom...Sometimes "too tired for sex" simply means you're tired of having sex the same way...(and if your significant other has yet to arrive in your life, just make a mental note.)

  • Read an erotic romance together.  (okay, so maybe I'm biased with this one)  Do you know how many emails I've received from fans thanking me for spicing up their love lives with the sex scenes from my novels?  Many! It always makes me laugh and smile--hey, whatever  I can do to help, I say.  But it's true...think about it...reading a sex scene out loud together is a fun idea and will stimulate your creative juices.
  • Wear a candy necklace to bed and let him nibble away.  Wrap the necklace around your neck, your wrists, your ankles...what a sweet treat for you both! 
  • Use an exercise ball.  Remember that big, plastic ball sitting neglected around the house? Pump it up and use it for sex--sit on it next to the bed or lean over it--it's amazing what a little bounce and roll can do!  
  •  Get sexy with your phone.  Even if you're just in the other room, send him a naughty message saying what you'd like to do to him...what you'd like him to do to you.  It's fun to flirt and you're never too old, too "used to each other" to stop!  
  • Talk dirty.  Ohhhhh...yeahhhhhh...get vocal, baby!  Saying "I like it when you touch me there" or "I love the way you feel inside me" can really be a turn on.  If you're shy, read some romance novels and see how the pros write it--then practice it yourself.  You may be surprised when getting vocal turns you on, too.  
  • Put a mirror next to the bed.  It's erotic to watch yourselves enjoying one another.  There's no hiding from what you're doing.  Enjoy the action--do NOT get caught up in the parts of your body you deem imperfect--watch the pleasure in your face instead.  
  • Get tied up.  Sometimes it's fun to take a submissive role--just make sure there is a 100% trust factor so you can fully relax and enjoy it.  If this is your first experiment with bondage, then establish a "safe word" so you can call a halt to anything that's making you uncomfortable.
  • Do you need a spanking?  Nothing makes you feel naughtier than being draped over your lover's knee.  This is playful and fun--not meant to be anything other than foreplay.  
  • Role play.  Speaking of spanking...incorporate the above in to a role play scene between the two of you.  Is he the principal and you've been a bad, bad girl?  Or are you a naughty nurse or librarian?  Ham it up! Why not?  Life is too short to be serious all of the time--and when you're with your significant other and in the bedroom, it's the perfect time to have some fun.
  • Play an erotic game.  Sometimes you're not in the mood to fantasize and that's okay.  Adam & Eve sells sexy board games, decks of cards and dice that do the work for you.  The important thing is to PLAY...add some fun into your sex life. 
  • Play with ice cubes.  Playing with extremes between hot and cold can make you extremely aware of every sensation.  Suck on an ice cube before going down on him.  Ice your toys before play time.  Test your tolerance for ice cubes first, though, by using them along your own skin to determine what's right for you.  Again, this isn't supposed to be painful--it's supposed to be FUN so experiment a bit. 
  • Slip into the shower with him--and wear a white t-shirt.  Why a white t-shirt and nothing else?  Because it takes you back to the days of spring break and gives you both the fun of peeling it off to soap each other up.  And, c'mon, what guy doesn't like a wet t-shirt?
  • Do it with your clothes on.  There's something raw and sensual about pushing clothes aside but not off, as if you can't wait to have each other.  There's a sense of urgency and need.  It's kind of fun to just go for it! 
  • Make your bedroom a sex den.  The opposite of the above, this requires planning--champagne, candles, a scarf over the lamp, sex toys at the ready (if you so choose), lingerie--go all out!  Why not?  And don't wait for a special occasion either--just make it a surprise. 
Those are just a few of the ideas that are out of the ordinary--at least for some.  I know some of you are advanced in the art of seduction and I applaud you!  But for the rest of you--go ahead and read some more romance novels and let us inspire you.  Have a happy and hopefully frisky day!

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WOW! What a list of frisky festivities!

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Love the ideas! Definitely going to be trying a few.

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Nice post. Thanks for the giveaway.


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Great ideas. Doing something out of the ordinary is a great way to spice things up a little!
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Super hot ideas -- thank you!


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Wow! So many great ideas!

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I liked your post.
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Oh wow, these are great tips! I love the one with the candy necklace. That could be so much fun and they are very inexpensive. Just imagine wrapping the necklace around his........ *cough* neck. :)

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Great giveaway!
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I always send my man dirty text messages

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Nice tips! :D Thanks for the awesome hop and giveaway! Best wishes and many blessings to you and yours!

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I love the read an erotic romance together. I read them to my husband. It's quite funny to see his face after a steamy scene.

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Awesome tips! Thanks so much! Glad hubby is not looking over my shoulder

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