Monday, December 3, 2012

Getting in the mood--Hot Winter Nights Blog Hop Day 3

Welcome to the 3rd day of Hot Winter Nights Blog Hop and Giveaway! (Winners announced on December 6)

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Just can't seem to get in the mood these days?  You're not alone--let's see what we can do about that.

For the past few days, I've spoken about ways to heat up your relationship, but none of those tips are useful if you simply aren't in the mood.  Let's face it--sometimes we're just feeling blah, cranky, and tired and the last thing we want to do is get intimate with someone.  But here's the thing--staying connected to your partner and/or simply satisfying your own needs is vital to your overall well-being and shouldn't be relegated to the bottom of your priority list.  

Below are a few ideas to boost your confidence, ramp up your sexy-factor and turn yourself on in the process.   

  1. First--take a time out! If you're not in the mood, but you'd like to be, give yourself some alone time to clear your head.  Breathe deeply, relax and you may surprise yourself that your mind catches up to your body's desire.  Sometimes all we need is some time to disconnect from the daily stresses of our lives so we can connect with the one we love. 
  2. Read the personal ads on Craig's List (but don't respond).  This is fun, quick and a lot like reading a romance novel. Whether it's women seeking man, women seeking women, man seeking get the idea...taking a few minutes to do this gets you out of your head thinking about ordinary things and starts revving your own internal sex machine.  What are you seeking? 
  3. Watch 9 1/2 Weeks! Remember that sexy movie from long ago--well, it's power to excite is timeless. For that matter, any sexy movie that works for YOU is only a click away these days thanks to the internet, on-demand, Netflix, etc.  
  4. Massage your belly button.  What?!  Yes, there are two acupressure points in your belly button region that stimulate your sexual arousal.  About two inches beneath your belly button, massage in a clockwise motion or run your finger in a straight line between your belly button and pelvic bone.  Think of this as a push button for your libido---you'll be able to turn yourself on without getting disrobed.  
  5. Get naked ready.  Yeah, I know...I hate working out, too.  However, exercise does more than help you look good naked, it creates blood flow to all areas of your body--ALL areas--and makes it easier for you to get turned on.  
  6. Buy "sex" sheets.  No, I'm not talking about satin sheets that will have you sliding all over the place and won't be practical.  To me, sex sheets are a new set of high quality cotton sheets that make YOU feel indulgent and that you can visualize get wild in with your special someone.
  7. Eat dark chocolate.  (I'll be hard to force yourself to do this one, but give it a try!) Chocolate, at least 70% cocoa, raises PEA (phenylenylaline) that increases your arousal.  
  8. Stock a dress up drawer.  For those moments when you need a little something extra to feel special, have a drawer handy with lingerie or anything that makes you feel super sexy.  It's different for all of us--some women love wearing their man's t-shirt while others like slinky lingerie.  Maybe it's even a costume of some kind that gets you in a wild mood--a wig, a nurse outfit...Whatever it is for you, keep it in a special drawer that's handy.  
  9. Work out your girl parts!  Yep, kegal exercises are a great stimulant for the pelvic floor.  Squeeze your pelvic floor muscles as if you're trying not to go pee or pass gas--do sets of ten or however many you like.  Working out the muscles around your clitoris and vagina stimulate blood flow to these areas, hence increasing your arousal.  
  10. Stage a lingerie fashion show for yourself.  Yes, for yourself.  This entire post is how to amp up your own feelings of sexiness, confidence and turn yourself on in the process.  Get in front of the mirror, dance like a stripper if you want, and do not--DO NOT--criticize yourself.  Very few of us in this world are models, so embrace your curves.  Celebrate you.  Once you learn to like how you you move...imagine how sexy you'll be to your partner!
  11. Have a glass of red wine.  Now, I admit that I'm more of a white wine person myself, but studies show that red wine increases arousal.  Antioxidants in red wine widen blood vessels and increase blood flow to...umm...key body parts.  
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