Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tempt, Tantalize, Tease--Hot Winter Nights Blog Hop Day 4

Welcome to the 4th and final day of Hot Winter Nights Blog Hop and Giveaway! Winners will be announced on December 6.

 On this blog, I'm giving away a $25 Target gift card to help out with some stocking stuffers this holiday season; however, the grand prizes are HUGE and listed below my post.  In order to win either the grand prizes for the overall hop or the prize here, you MUST leave a comment that includes your email address.  (and if you don't comment, you don't win, pretty simple. Comment link is at the very bottom of the post, beneath the links to the other hops!) 

Okay...now that the schpeel is over...let's get sizzling...

Well, to top off this Hot Winter Nights Blog Hop and Giveaway, I'm going to do something a bit different. Pole dancing is becoming one of the most popular exercise classes for women and this got me thinking about stripping.  Now, I'm not a size 2 and admit I'd like to lose a lot of the junk in my trunk; however, I think a woman who is confident and sassy is sexy.  Stripping for your lover gives you a sense of power--and is fun and unexpected.  Below are 10 tips to stripping like a pro and some rules of the game, too.  Try it. Why not?  Now that it's winter, you'll have plenty of layers to peel off!

This requires some preparation so have champagne or beverage of your choice on hand, a song cued up and ready to play.  Oh, and you're going to want some props--a scarf, feather boa, his tie, whatever it is you need for the "theme" you have in mind.  I'm going to write the following as if you're dressed in a skirt with stockings, just to make it easier for myself. Of course, the song you've chosen for your strut can probably help you get some ideas about wardrobe and props.

10 Stripping Rules 
(Yeah, there are rules to make this seductive and not just you taking your clothes off. I consulted the internet, a "friend", and an exercise DVD about getting "stripper ready" to develop the following instructions--and I tried it once--I recommend it!))
  1. You're allowed to touch him, but he's not allowed to touch you--not with his hands, mouth, or any other body part.
  2. You must maintain eye contact with him throughout the performance.
  3. Keep the lights ON.  Hey, he's your significant other so he's seen you naked--get over yourself.
  4. Slather on stuff...whether it's a fake tan to help hide the cellulite, lip gloss, body oil to make yourself shiny, and blusher.
  5. Plan your outfit.  Like I said above, you need to think this out a bit before hand.
  6. Don't be a neat freak.  You're supposed to be throwing your clothes off with abandon. Let things land where they land and focus. 
  7. Think the three Ts: Tempt, Tantalize, Tease.  Be his private dancer.
  8. Your hands are his hands: Touch yourself the way he wants to touch you, in places he wants to touch.  Go for it.  
  9. Borrow a dancer's trick. Keep one leg in front of the other, heel lifted, whenever possible.  It makes an otherwise awkward pose look elegant and helps your legs look long and lean.  
  10. Choose music that suits your mood, music that will set you free.
10 Tips to Stripping Like a Pro 

  1. Walk the walk.  If he's not already sitting down, put him in his place.  Remember: you're in charge. Visualize a figure 8 in your head and make your hips roll that way, one foot in front of the other, head up, chest out.  
  2. Play with your scarf (or whatever prop you've chosen).  Slide it around your shoulders, over your breasts, between your thighs...wrap it around his neck to pull him close...you get the idea.
  3. Remove your jacket (or first layer of clothing).  This comes off verrrrrrrrrry slowly.  With your back to him, look over your shoulder and then shrug so it comes off in one motion.  Remove one arm and then the other, but don't drop it.  Use it to cover your bra and breasts, back still to him. Turn to face him, jacket still covering you, make eye contact and THEN drop the jacket to the side.  
  4. Unzip your skirt slowly, turn, butt out and back arched as you shimmy free of the material.  Let it drop in one motion and leave it there.  Careful to step out of it, though, so you don't fall down in an ungraceful heap (something I would do!)
  5. High heeled shoes.  When stripping, you gotta wear the heels. It's one of those must haves. However, you can either opt to keep them on (some men like that) or, if you take them off, reach behind you and remove them as gracefully as possible.  You don't want to stall your dance by fussing with straps.
  6. Side to him, prop a leg up on the bed and slowly roll your stockings down.  Keep it nice and slow...butt in the air of course.   Once the stocking is free of your heel, wrap it around his neck or toss it in his lap.  
  7. Lose the garter belt.  Assuming you were wearing one to hold up the stockings, get rid of it with as much grace you used to remove the stockings and then fling it across the room.  
  8. Time to lose the bra! Unsnapped, turn your back to him, looking at him over your shoulder, shrug off one strap and then the other.  Face him, hands holding the material over your breasts with one arm...teasing him with a suitable wicked expression on your face.  Use your free hand to remove the bra while your arm still covers you up.  Then take it away, slowly stroking each breast as you go.  This is where you get to amp up full stripper mode--let your hands move over your body as he wishes he could. 
  9. Drop the panties.  Think porn star when doing this and strike a pose.  One foot in front of the other, thumbs in the side of your panties, eyes on his, move your hips, slide the material down your thighs, bending as you go, butt up...step out of them one foot at a time.  
  10. Victory strut time. Finish your dance, allowing your hands to roam over your skin, staying just out of arm's reach.  
Have fun!  And, if your'e thinking you're far too self-concious for this, I challenge you!  

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Love your tips

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Loving all the tips! Definitely taking notes! :D Thanks for the awesome hop and giveaway! Best wishes and many blessings to you and yours!

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I loved the stripping tips. How funny.

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Love the tips on stripping. I may have to save them. LOL

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Well, well, I am just going to have to try this now.
Hey...you challenged me! ;)

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Lol! Those tips sound fun! Thanks for participating!