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There's been a Bigfoot sighting on "Is it Love or Lust at First Sight!" #erotica #taboo #Bigfoot

Mmm...first encounters. I love it when characters in both movies and novels meet for the first time. It sets the tone for what's to come. Sometimes there's snap, crackle, sizzle...or maybe there's that slow burn of borderline contempt that you just know is gonna be fun to watch. 

Today I'm pushing the boundaries and entering the "taboo zone" with Tawny Savage and her monster erotica Bigfoot series. Perhaps you've heard about the craze of erotica stores between human and beast? Some say it's going too far, others can't get enough! Why don't' you be the judge? I'm all about exploring possibilities here…so…and this excerpt is definitely lust at first sight.  

A bit about the story
Bryanna Stevens was slowly dying inside. The safe and consensual sexual relationship with her husband Travis had slowly deteriorated into one filled with torment and abuse. With nowhere to turn, she pleaded her case to the Goddess Brigid. She offered herself up to the gods to do as they see fit if they’d grant her one wish—to conceive a child of her own.

Hell bent on avenging the mutilation and death of his pregnant mate, Ashar risks everything to make the humans pay. Instead, he’s blindsided by his desire for the naked beauty stretched out over an altar, pleading for the gods to give her a child.  Before he can stop himself, he’s kneeling beside her. Could she be the one to save the Forest People and mend his broken heart or the one to destroy them all?

First encounter excerpt...

Ashar had tracked down his prey easily. Instead of killing him right then and there, he kept hidden and monitored everything he did alone or with his friends. What he didn’t count on was his reaction to seeing Travis’s mate working in her garden. The way her long, multi-colored hair tossed in the wind reminded him of Taema. The care she showed to her plants and flowers touched something deep in his soul. The animals that ventured into her yard were given safe haven as well. He’d enjoyed listening to her argue for over an hour with Travis after he’d threatened to shoot the deer that had taken up residence on their property.
It wasn’t the only fight Ashar witnessed between the couple. No matter how heated their exchange would become, it always turned out the same way. Their current argument was no exception, with both of them red faced and breathless from yelling at each other. Ashar’s fascination turned up a notch as their physical contact with each other bordered on violence. At the end of it, he’d given in to her and she to him as he pushed her to the ground and fucked her right there in the open.
Ashar’s cock had grown long and hard at the sight. His mouth watered at the sounds of her pleasure. Ashar grabbed his cock with both hands and stroked, slowly at first but then faster and faster in time with Travis’s thrusts into the woman.
His cum shot out of the bulbous head of his dick at the moment she screamed during her release. His own orgasm had torn through him and left him so weak in the knees he had to lean against a tree to catch his breath.
Travis on the other hand crawled off his woman and just left her there while he walked back up to their home.
Ashar fought the urge to go to her when he heard her sobs. How could he leave his mate alone like that? Did he not love her? He didn’t understand anything at all about these humans. He’d observed many of them through the years and he’d seen nothing like this before. He continued to watch her from the safety and cover of the trees as she gathered her torn clothing and shuffled back into her house.

He’d seen enough. Even if it cost him his own life, Ashar vowed he’d make Travis pay for his cruelty by stripping him of everything he and his friends held dear.

About the author
Tawny Savage has always enjoyed reading and writing taboo erotica that can bring all of our deepest darkest fantasies to life. Her tales aren’t for the faint of heart and won’t always have the happily ever after ending.  You’ll laugh, cry and want to beat the hell out of some of her characters and that’s just fine with Tawny. She’ll help you do it!
Join her for a ride you'll never forget! Go ahead and drop a line to her through her publisher with her on Twitter @Tawny_Savage or check out her website Erotic Tales from Tawny Savage.

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Unknown said...

thank you so much for having me and the 7 foot hairy hunk today. I know a lot of folks are afraid to touch the taboo that is monster erotica but I found it to be a fun and exhilarating experience.