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Five Sizzling Kisses for Amalfi Affair #BookReview #EroticRomance #Suspense

I'm not one to do reviews. In fact, if an author asks me to do one, I automatically say, "Sorry, I don't review on my blog." But there are always exceptions to the rule. In this case, I read a book on my own with no enticement or sales pitch from anyone and liked it enough to say, "Hey, I'm going to review that!" 

What kind of book could possibly tempt me out of my stubborn ways? Amalfi Affair by Sabrina Devonshire. 

This book has all the elements I enjoy in a novel: suspense, romance, exotic location, fascinating characters, and humor. An erotic romance suspense, this book kept me on my toes and wanting more of all things. Sex? Check. Hot Navy SEAL? Check. CIA agent? Check. European destination? Check. Oh my, oh my, oh my. 

Now, I know some of you freak out at the word erotic and think you won't like crossing that line. This isn't hardcore porn, people. It's sexy and detailed, but it's between a man and woman who are falling in love. I felt the connection between the characters and felt the sex scenes were natural rather than gratuitous. 

I give Amalfi Affair five sizzling kisses! 

Below is a steamy excerpt. If you're shy, stop reading now. However, if you've read this far, why not keep on scrolling? Enjoy! 

Darryl instructed the bartender to charge their drinks to his suite. He placed his hand around Olivia’s waist as she rose from the barstool and kept it there as they strode like two people late for an appointment from the bar to the elevator.
They stepped into the tiny box characteristic of Swiss elevators, standing nearly chest-to-chest. Darryl reached around Olivia to press the up button. Electric heat simmered in the minute space between their bodies.
I’m his for the night. Imagining what they’d soon be doing beneath the sheets struck her like a post-exercise endorphin rush. That anticipatory jolt raced to all the right places, too, making her ache to have every inch of his body wrapped around hers.

The sexual energy seemed to explode in the small space, making it difficult for Olivia to breathe. As if Darryl sensed the urgency of their attraction, he pulled her into his chest in one swift and athletic movement before his mouth swept over her lips with hungry, urgent need. She responded by arching into him, kissing and biting at his sexy mouth that she’d been dying to kiss all night. She was his. For as many hours as he wanted her.

He teased apart her lips with his tongue and swept it over her teeth and inside her mouth, teasing and tantalizing all her nerve endings.

She never realized her mouth was so sensitive. Her lips swelled in response to his sensual maneuvers with his mouth and tongue. If he used his equipment below the belt with similar proficiency, she would be in for a delicious night. Heat spread through her body as he thrust his tongue into the depths of her mouth.

She smoothed her hands over the ridges of his shoulder blades and contoured upper back muscles.

Darryl’s breathing grew ragged and desperate. The muscles around his jaw flexed tight. He stopped devouring her only long enough to exit when the elevator chimed.

“Come on, let’s race,” urged Darryl once the door opened. Olivia laughed and chased after him, slowing his progress by gripping the back of his shirt. They stumbled into his suite, yanking at each other’s clothes as the desperation to possess each other’s bodies took over. Tantalizing her with his sensual touch, Darryl slid her dress up her thighs, exposing the bare skin on her abdomen before yanking the garment over her head and tossing it aside in a crumpled heap.

“Mmm. I couldn’t wait to getting you naked before, but seeing you like this, now I’m really desperate to be near you.” He pressed his mouth against hers, kissing her and then tracing his tongue over the seam of her lips.

As she parted her mouth in anticipation of a breach from his tongue, he peppered her neck and collarbone with kisses, sending a tickly thrill through her body. As she threw her head back and sighed with bliss, Darryl leaned over and scooped her into his arms, carrying her to the king-sized bed. The fluffy comforter had been turned back and decorated with foil wrapped Swiss chocolates.

He sat her on the edge of the bed and then knelt down in front of her. His reddish-brown hair was tousled. Yellow flecks burned like flames in his green eyes as he studied her, slowly unwrapping the chocolate from the foil with those strong, lithe hands she desperately wanted to explore every nook and cranny of her body. “Open your mouth, Olivia.”

She opened her mouth wide enough for him to slip a chocolate inside her mouth. She closed her eyes as his fingertips brushed over her lips and the sweet, chocolaty flavor intoxicated her taste buds. “Mmm.”
“You missed a little bit.” He leaned in and kissed her before running his tongue over the melted chocolate on her lips. “You’re so beautiful, Olivia. I can’t wait to unwrap the rest of you.” His voice was a breathless whisper. His hands stroked her shoulders and then moved around her back.

The way his fingertips skimmed over the contours of her flesh made her feel so cherished and desirable. He unclasped her bra and slipped it off with a few deft flicks of his hand. He gave it a nonchalant toss and then climbed up on the bed and tucked a hand underneath her thighs, raising her legs from the floor and rotating her so she could stretch out on the mattress and lay back on the downy pillows. He leaned over her, tracing his fingers over one nipple and then massaging it.

Excitement ricocheted through her body at his intimate touch. She arched up toward him, aching for more of his ultra-attentive touch. It had been more than three months since she’d been hot and heavy with a man. God, I need a man. A real man. The bulky press of Darryl’s erection against her thigh suggested he would deliver what she craved and much more.

His strong calloused hand traced over her other breast, leaving behind a trail of excited goose pimples. She felt so vulnerable, her body studied by his lust-hooded eyes, her naked flesh bursting with sensation under his masculine touch. His hand skimmed over her belly, his fingertips slipped beneath her panties. She moaned as the pulsing ache between her thighs intensified.

He licked his lips and closed his eyes for a moment as his fingers slid into her moist wetness. His voice was a lusty whisper. “God, Olivia. You’re ready for me, aren’t you?”

She was more than ready. She wasn’t sure she could wait another second for him to take her. Every nerve ending in her body felt like it would explode with excitement.

His hair tickled her skin as he leaned in and flicked his tongue over her breasts.

She moaned and squirmed with pleasure as a lusty thrill radiated from her nipples into her core.

As he drove her nipples wild with tormenting tongue action, he slid her scanty panties down her thighs. He slid one and then two fingers inside of her using a third one to stroke her swollen pussy. More warm, needy wetness seeped from between her thighs. Usually she only came during intercourse or under the ministrations of a flickering tongue, but Darryl had talents way beyond the abilities of her previous partners. While nibbling her breasts, he continued to torment her clitoris while plunging three fingers deep inside of her. 

Explosive heat shattered her insides and she screamed and thrashed and bucked up into him, not thinking about whether she might knock him senseless with her unabashed movements.
“You’re a fireball, aren’t you?” he said in a raspy voice.

“It’s been a while.” Cozy warmth wrapped around her, but quickly ebbed away as a craving for more kicked into overdrive. She wanted his cock—that looked ready to burst from his jeans—buried deep inside of her. Just thinking about his hot member made her swollen sex ache until it hurt. “But I want all of you now.” She reached toward him, moving her hand across the enormous bulge in his jeans.

“I think that can be arranged.” He bounded off the bed, shedding his T-shirt and pants in a matter of seconds.

When he stepped back toward her, she couldn’t help staring at his wall-of-muscle chest. There was no excess there—every ounce of him was rock solid. Including his enormous cock. It drove her wild to see that he was crazy ready for her. She never realized what she’d been missing by steering clear of enlisted men. From now on, they’d be at the top of her list. “Fuck.”

“What is it?” He tipped his head to one side, kneeling over her.

“This is just so erotic—having sex with a man I just met. Among other things.” Her gaze dropped to his erect cock, which had swelled so thick and tall that veins stood out on it.

A roguish smile spread over his face. “I’m thrilled that you’re enjoying the show. But I’m craving some audience participation.” He leaned over her and opened a drawer and snatched a condom. In a second, the package was open and he’d sheathed his cock. “The watching part is over. You turn me on so much I can’t wait any more.” His voice sounded raspy with lust. Now spread your legs for me, beauty.”

His command sent another furious pulse of excitement to her swollen sex. “I can’t wait anymore either.” Olivia eagerly spread apart her thighs, feeling a delicious vulnerability. It felt forbidden and erotic turning herself over to what ever Darryl wanted.

“I hope you’re ready. We are going to have one hell of a good time.” The muscles in his shoulders and arms bunched with tension as he positioned himself over her, teasing her open with the tip of his cock.
Olivia arched up into him, trying to work his cock further inside, but he pulled back. She groaned with frustration. “Oh, please take me Darryl. Please. I want to feel you.” She wrenched her legs open wider, panting with desperation to have him bury himself deep inside her and relieve the throbbing ache in her pussy.

“I want us to want each other so bad, we’re nearly delirious.” He reached down with his hands and maneuvered his cock just inside her opening. Every muscle in his face tensed and his wide, yellow-flecked eyes were crazed with lust.  “Oh, Olivia.” He ground his hips into her, sinking in further.

She gasped as his slow penetration stretched and filled her. Her walls clenched around him in response. But the deeper parts of her that remained empty screamed for more. Olivia tossed her head and moaned, her tongue sliding over her lips. “Darryl, please. You’re killing me.”

He lowered his lips to hers and planted a wet kiss on her mouth. His voice a breathy whisper, it tickled her face. “You have no idea how much you turn me on, Olivia. Seeing you want me like this. I can’t wait to see the look on your face once I’ve sunk my full length inside of you. It’s going to feel so good.”

 “It feels so good already. That’s why I want more. Much more. Oh, please give me more. Now. I have to have all of you.” She pleaded in a needy, desperate voice. She ground up into him again, grunting like a primitive beast. All logical thoughts had fled from her mind. Being fucked senseless by this amazingly well endowed SEAL was the only thing that mattered.

Every muscle in his face tensed as Darryl pushed his cock deep inside of her with one smooth stroke. His sinewy hands gripped her back as he slid in deep before slipping back out to her entrance. The primal sensation escalating inside of her vagina drove her wild. She grunted and panted underneath him.

Olivia was lost in the sensation of his cock buried inside of her, his firm flesh slapping against her belly. As he plunged in and out of her, his tongue probed deep inside of her mouth.

Her walls clenched around him as he drove her close to the edge. Pleasure ripped through her pussy. She twisted and flexed and screamed his name as the orgasm spasmed through her body.  Just when she thought the euphoria was subsiding, it skyrocketed again until a second explosion of ecstasy shattered her insides.

“Oh, baby, you are so fucking hot.” He plunged inside of her a few more times before his mouth fell open in an ecstatic groan and he came.
Darryl studied the woman in his arms. Sexual excitement had flushed her fair skin and dilated her pupils, making her look lovelier than ever. Astonishment registered in her milk-chocolate eyes. He’d surprised her. And in a good way he could tell.

Olivia had shifted his world as well. He’d never imagined a woman could deliver such a phenomenal sensual punch. His big challenge would be talking Venus Body Olivia into spending the night. Their heated encounters had only whet his appetite for more. He wanted to immerse his cock in her delicious wetness all night.

“Wow, that felt so great it about killed me.” Darryl stroked her cheek, relishing the softness of her skin. Letting her leave just wouldn’t do. “Could I talk you into spending the night?”

She traced a finger around the outside of his mouth and kissed him before speaking. “I have to be ready to ride at eight thirty.”
How can she think about bicycling at a time like this? Darryl gave her a randy grin. “I was hoping you’d be ready to ride again in about ten minutes.”

Olivia giggled and punched his chest playfully. Then she traced her fingertips over his pectorals and abdomen.

His cock instantly stiffened. He didn’t need ten minutes after all.

“I’m ready to ride right now,” she said. “And it looks like you are, too.” Her lips met his the instant she finished her sentence. Her kiss was hungry and wet and the mounds of her breasts and her sweaty flanks pressed against his body, making him desperate and hungry for more.

He barely had time to slip on a condom on before she kneeled over him, legs apart and descended on him. He licked his lips, his cock twitching with lusty delight as he heard the slick sound of her wetness. Man, she’s tight. She looked so fucking hot as she rode me.

She sunk onto him slowly at first and he relished the sensation of his cock sliding full length in and out of her and then as her lust intensified, her hips slapped against him fast and furious, her large milky breasts bouncing, her wild hair falling down over her lust enraptured face.

The woman is every man’s dream in bed, Darryl thought as he groaned with ecstasy. Her fingers dug into his back as she rode him and her moans of pleasure drove him wild. Her irises rolled upward and her tongue slid over her pink lips and then she screamed, “Oh, God, Darryl, yes.”

Her orgasm seemed to last for more than a minute, which thrilled him. Darryl climaxed at the end of her release, grunting as an explosion of heat shot through his cock into his abdomen.

Olivia gave him a blissful, heavy-lidded expression as she climbed off of him and slid under the comforter. “You want to sleep for a few minutes?”

“I think so. I’m feeling really relaxed after all that hot sex. Come over here.” He reached for her, pulling her closer. Once her head was nestled on his chest, he encircled her in his arms. The soft contours of her body fit nicely against him. Conversation, wild sex, snuggling…they all felt like a dream with Olivia. Maybe I’ll spend my next leave in Ohio, he thought as he drifted off to sleep, nestled in her warm softness.

The blurb...
On a cycling tour through the Swiss Alps, CIA agent, Olivia Simpson, meets handsome Navy SEAL, Darryl Jennings. Her lust shifts into overdrive for this man on leave from missions he won’t discuss. A one night stands leads to a blissful week traveling the Amalfi Coast. Because of their secretive careers, their love affair is destined to end. Olivia immerses herself into her Intelligence work with memories of Darryl never far from the surface. When she receives a surprise phone call from him nine months later, she dashes off to meet him in Italy. Too late, she realizes the call had been made by an imposter to lure her into a trap.

Despite Darryl’s decision to end his relationship with Olivia, he returns to his missions in Afghanistan unable to shake her from his heart. Regret for letting her go gnaws at him until he decides to search for her. After following numerous dead end leads, he gives up on ever finding the elusive woman who stole his heart nine months prior. When he’s called in for a mission to rescue a high-level intelligence officer who’s been kidnapped, he realizes the woman in question is his Olivia. Pressure mounts as he becomes embroiled in a mission where the fate of his country and his true love falls on his shoulders.
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Author Bio:

Sabrina Devonshire, an avid swimmer most of her life, can usually be found near or immersed in a body of water. If she's not seeking an endorphin rush in a pool, lake or ocean, she's often encouraging people to work out or writing a romantic suspense or magazine article.

She received a John Woods Scholarship and an Arizona Commission of the Arts Professional Development Grant toward her participation in a 2007 Prague Summer Program writing workshop. She also studied writing in Arizona and northern California and has a M.S. degree from the University of Arizona.

Sabrina loves traveling to off-the-beaten-path places where phones and electronic devices tend not to work well. Peru and Belize are two of her favorites. Sabrina lives in southern Arizona with her husband, two children, and fluffy dog, Sugar.

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