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Let me tell you my secrets... #Masquerade #BDSM #EroticRomance #Paranormal

We all have our secrets...

Let's take a peek beneath the covers of 
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Vampires, menages, witches, BDSM, sex clubs, Dommes, subs, zombies. These eight original stories by some of today's hottest erotic romance writers have one thing in common – a Masquerade. Behind a facade, the constraints of society fade, and fantasies come to life. Lose yourself in the Masquerade, and explore your wildest desires. Let's have some fun...


C.P. Mandara - Dancing With Death
Monsieur Martinet is no ordinary vampire. He is a master at his craft and can control humans with the merest flick of his eyelids. The vampire huntress with the porcelain skin and flaming red hair has killed all of his brethren, without exception and he now seeks the ultimate revenge: her submission in HIS bed.

Alisa Easton - Masked Desires
Clara had been accused of many things but daring had never been one of them. Everything changes the night she attends a masquerade ball with her best friend. Her identity hidden behind a mask, Clara is free of her inhibitions to live her wildest fantasies.

Paige Matthews – Secrets
Secrets are always hidden. Masquerade balls hide what we don't want known. Combine them together and you have one erotic tale of firsts, secrets and reveals.

Glenda Horsfall – Under Cover
Learn how the punishment for disobeying her master can be both pleasure and pain.

Gale Stanley – Optical Illusions
Once upon a time, Maggie was easy prey for a pedophile. Now she prefers fantasy to physicality. Then one enchanted evening she meets a man who tempts her beyond all reason.

Kayla Lords – The Iron Maiden
Sir and Babygirl have tested their limits before. This time, they're taking it to whole new level - and making a new friend along the way.

Hunter S. Jones – Fables Deux 
Fables Deux, follow up to the erotic steampunk novella, Fables of the Reconstruction, finds the time traveling zombies Pierre von Minxle and Mary Montague in 2014. You’ll never believe where they are and what they are into now.

Dakota Skye – Dominating Justice
Lawyer by day, sex den owner by night, witch all the time, Melinda Dubois is an expert at keeping secrets. When the thorn-in-her-side Judge Bradley Bennett becomes The Den's newest elite client, she looks forward to playing Domme and doling out some justice of her own. As vulnerabilities are exposed and masks removed, the question becomes---who is dominating whom?

Turning the spotlight on Dakota Skye's Dominating Justice
Brad stared at his bare feet resting on cold hardwood and wondered when he'd lost his mind. Mark had mentioned The Den to him months ago, but he'd laughed it off. Stress relief, his friend had claimed, a break from always being in control. At first he'd assumed Mark had made up this place. After all, as a judge, the risks involved in being here were insurmountable. He'd gone out of his way to avoid anything that would cast a shadow on his judgeship, but between his divorce, his ex remarrying, his children calling some other man 'dad,' shallow women he dated more interested in his political career than bed, and dissatisfaction with his job, he felt distinctly out of control. 
One night over drinks, Mark had slipped him the invitation and told him to ask for Mistress M. That had been months ago, but for some reason today he'd been compelled to act on it. It had been an all-consuming need that drummed mercilessly into him until he'd found himself standing at the entrance, invitation in hand, and eager to surrender inhibition. 
But if he were caught here...or if Mark's assurances about discretion were false...then he'd lose the last shred of dignity he possessed. 
Dignity? Hadn't he just signed that away when he'd agreed to the menu of services provided? 

The click of the door caused him to swallow apprehension and glance up. His eyes narrowed through the dimly lit room illuminated by candles and lamps casting long golden shadows across the dark hardwood floors. Not much like a dungeon, he thought. Decorated tastefully in dark golds, reds and browns, the room exuded a sense of wealth and indulgence. 
Mistress M stepped out of the darkness. Ebony hair cascaded past her shoulders, bare breasts showcased by a leather bustier that kept them pert and separated by a diamond studded strap that wound around her shoulders like a halter. Emerald green eyes peered at him from behind a leather mask as she strode slowly toward him, long legs encased in boots that went to mid thigh, high-heels clicking ominously on the floor, and a crop dangling loosely from her fingers. 
He touched fingertips to the matching collar he'd been instructed to wear and felt his cock tingling in response. He belonged to this exotic woman for the night. Knowing that eased his doubts. 
"Stand up and take off your robe, pet. I want to see you," she instructed as she moved in a slow circle around him. 

He stood slowly, not sure what to say, and undid the sash at his waist. When the satin material slid off his body, he felt the tip of the crop slide up his spine. He held his breath, unsure what to say or do despite the lengthy instructions he'd read prior to signing the agreement. 
"You're missing something." Her hot breath slid against the skin beneath his ear. "Are you already disobeying me?" 
Smack. The blow to his ass made him cry out with both surprise and pain. 
"No, I—"
Smack went the crop against his tender backside. 
"Address me as Mistress M or Mistress. Always."
"Yes, Mistress." He turned his head to look at her and was surprised to see her smiling at him. 
"Do you know what you've forgotten yet?" she asked. 
He looked into her eyes, fascinated by the intensity of their color and the confidence burning in them. He glanced down at the bondage belt he'd been instructed to put on but had forgotten while caught up in the troubling thoughts torturing his mind. 
He reached for it while she watched, more excited than he'd imagined he could be when he'd first stepped into the room. He placed the belt around his waist while his cock rose to the moment. He knew the rules, no actual intercourse, but when he noticed her bare ass exposed by the leather thong, he couldn't help but wish their roles were reversed.
"You're thinking of all the lovely things you could do to me aren't you, pet? Well," she poked him in the center of his chest with the crop, slid it up his throat, and used it to tilt his chin up until they looked at each other eye-to-eye, "I'm not a whore."
"I know—"
"What did you say?" Gloved fingers gripped his jaw and held him firm. 
"Mistress, I'm sorry."
"Get on the table." 
He complied, the cool of the wood against his back awkward as his long legs dangled over the edge while his cock pointed at the ceiling, the air teasing the tip. He hid his surprise when shackles clasped his ankles against the table, his legs spread wide. She grabbed one of his hands, kissed his the inside of his wrist, and snapped handcuffs on him. She repeated the process with his other hand, her kiss warm on his skin, almost gentle. When he tried to arch his back to accommodate the uncomfortable position, she secured clamps to the belt at his waist and held him firm. 
Her nipples teased the hair on his chest when she leaned over him and looked into his eyes. "Do you trust me?" 
"Yes, Mistress, I do." And he did. Maybe it was the way she looked at him from behind the mask, but he felt like he knew her, that she wasn't as anonymous as she'd like him to believe.  


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More about today's featured author...

Dakota Skye is an author fascinated by the paranormal. After having several personal "unexplained experiences" in her life, she started exploring the idea of the "other side." Ghosts, angels, Spirit Guides...what are they and do we interact with them more than we know? In her stories, she incorporates that fascination with fantasy while always focusing on the love. 

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