Sunday, August 23, 2015

She Wants an Anonymous Fling, Love has Other Plans #RomanceNovels #AmReading

One week to forget...
One week to indulge in some wild fun adventure...
One week that changes her life forever...
Welcome to the Scintillating Sunday Blog Hop! Multiple authors are sharing 8 paragraphs of their work that they believe captures the word 'scintillating.' Fun, fun, fun! Today we're checking out an enticing tidbit from Anonymity, book one of the Wanderlust Series.


"Insatiable...I like it." His teeth gently tugged her lower lip.

"Best. Vacation. Ever." She kissed him with each word.

"On fire, I'm telling you." He dropped her wrists and smoothed his hands over her breasts. "You're like an inferno."

"Only with you." Curls danced in front of her eyes as she pulled him back for another kiss. "I'm not lying. If I'm on fire, it's because you found the fuse."

"That sounds like a bad song lyric. I think you've been exposed to Dave the Gringo's music too long, we'd better get you inside and away from his influence." He kissed her, not wanting to step away from the tree but knowing they were pushing the limits by staying here too long. Something stirred deep in his chest with her words, with the kiss, with this entire scenario.

She laughed against his mouth before dropping her legs from around him and sliding down his chest. He felt like the entire world would know what they'd been doing in the bushes. He laughed to himself as he stuffed her panties in his pocket. He had never had sex against a palm tree before and definitely never within yards of a group of people.  Exhilaration hammered through his heart.

She smoothed hair from his eyes. "You look like you've been having sex on the beach."

 "So do you." He turned them into an impromptu dance on the sand, his mouth clinging to hers in a slow kiss while he held her tight against his chest. 

From the back cover...

Alyssa McNeil is through with romance. In Belize on a solo vacation designed to make her forget that her ex is marrying someone else on New Year's Eve, she's determined to break free of her comfort zone. Meeting Luke Picket falls perfectly into her plans for indulging fantasy, letting go of inhibition, and having uncomplicated fun under the sun. Falling in love with him is definitely not on the agenda.

Luke Picket is more than happy to go along with her idea of a no strings, first-name only weeklong fling. He embraces his solo lifestyle and can't see that changing any time soon. When they find themselves trekking through the jungle and facing turbulent seas together, the feelings he'd fought so hard to avoid in his life start stirring in his closed-off permanent bachelor heart.   

But they'd agreed on anonymity, on a first-name-only-no-strings love affair, and neither wants to ruin the moment with unwanted declarations. Old beliefs are challenged. Doubts questioned. Will they stick to their deal and go their separate ways when the week is over? Or will the new year bring them a new attitude about love?

**Anonymity is book one of the Wanderlust Series, which is a series of romance adventure novels written as stand-alone books. In future series, some characters may make cameo appearances, but all are true stand-alone novels.


Yelle Hughes said...

You always write some of the most hottest scenes!

Gale Stanley said...

Luke is too hot to handle. Love it!

Mia Downing said...

That was hot! Thanks for sharing!