Sunday, September 20, 2015

They Fell in Love in a Warzone But Then It All Blew Up #RomanticSuspense

A wounded US Marine...
The wife who loves him...
Their battle is just beginning when they reach US soil...
Coming home again isn't always easy...
Will their love survive?
Welcome to the Scintillating Sunday Blog Hop where multiple romance authors share 8 paragraphs from their work that they think captures the word "scintillating." To me, that word triggers an emotional here's a look at the romantic suspense novel, Reckless Endangerment.


“Would you marry me again, Hope Shane?” he asked without looking away from her eyes. “If I could get down on one knee and ask you to do it all over again, what would you say?”

“I’d say hell ya.”

She kissed him with the slowness of someone who wanted to savor every taste. 

He wanted more. He wanted her naked and on top of him.  Skin on skin.  Whatever happened, happened. 

“Bed,” he whispered against her lips. “Now.”

“I love it when you order me around.” She caught his lower lip lightly between her teeth before standing. 

Eyes locked on hers, he almost forgot about the chair, the injuries, all of it. None of it seemed to matter with her looking at him like he was the most loved person on earth. When she crawled on top of him, he enjoyed the view.   

He kissed her, feeling as if he had truly come home. Not to a house, but to a life. God, she felt good. Too good. Too much like a dream.

From the back cover...

Coming home again isn't always easy. Colonel Michael Cedars and reporter Hope Shane fell in love in a warzone, but then the world blew up and splintered their lives in two. 

Sometimes heroes fall and take the ones they love down with them. A Marine accustomed to giving orders, Michael struggles to find his role in civilian life. Wounded, he faces new battles as he learns to walk again, struggles with wartime ghosts, and questions his abilities as a husband.

But theirs is a love worth fighting for—and Hope Shane doesn't surrender. An investigative reporter, she's hot on the trail of a human trafficking ring. Danger intensifies as she gets closer to the truth, but the human traffickers know her weakness.

Will Michael become her Achilles Heel? Will her reckless disregard for rules shatter the fragile bonds of their marriage once and for all? Is he still the hero she married or has he become a liability that could get them both killed?

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