Sunday, October 4, 2015

Deadly Secrets and a Love That Defies the Odds #ScintillatingSunday #Romance

The secrets she hides are deadly...
He's willing to risk whatever it takes to love her...

Welcome to the Scintillating Sunday Blog Hop where multiple romance authors share 8 paragraphs of one of their novels that intrigue...Here's a look at the romantic suspense novel, WhiteOut. 

When she stepped back and tilted her chin up, he knew he'd struck a chord. "You suck at lying and, I have to admit, that's an intriguing quality in a woman and not one I've experienced in a long time."

"I didn't ask for your life story."

"But I'm giving it to you because I have nothing to hide."

"And I do so you're trying to goad me into revealing my secrets?" She blinked at him a second before bursting out in laughter. "Oh, honey, I'm so far out of you league that we're in different orbits." She closed the gap between them, pressed the tip of the machete against his shoulder, stood on her tiptoes, looked him in the eye, and said, "You have no idea who you're dealing with here. I'm more than you could handle. And those men? They're killers. And if you quote me on that to the sheriff or anyone else, I'll deny I said it."

Damn if her words didn't turn him on.

He grabbed her wrists and squeezed until she dropped the weapon. "Never underestimate me, Brandi."

"And vice versa." She wiggled free of his hold, but not before a ghost of a smile had crept onto her face again. "I guess I overreacted. I sometimes let emotion sweep me away."

He enjoyed seeing her swept away by emotion. This version of her beat the hell out of the reclusive woman who hid behind her dogs and sunglasses every day. He smiled at the realization that maybe he liked women who danced on the edge of crazy. It made life much more interesting.

From the back cover...

She's been erased.

As a protected witness, Brandi Simms has given up everything that made her unique to start over in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Blending into the background isn't easy, but it's vital for survival. When her handsome yet incorrigible neighbor—former Olympic skier turned cowboy—decides her aloof attitude is a challenge rather than a deterrent, she knows the only right thing to do is resist.

The secrets she hides are deadly.

Ryan Landry isn't accustomed to rejection. Three-time Olympic Gold Medalist, he's the local hero who came home to run a ranch and be near his family. The mysterious neighbor who seems content to hang out with dogs rather than humans haunts his fantasies and ignites that competitive drive that led him to the world stage.

He's not one to give up.

When her dangerous past catches up to Brandi, Ryan is determined to break through her secrets to find the truth no matter what the cost. Trapped in a whiteout blizzard with unseen threats lurking in the snow, will they get a chance to create a new beginning or will Brandi's secrets be the death of them?


Exile on Peachtree Street said...

This is friggin' awesome stuff!

Unknown said...

I love this story. They are such a great couple!

Amber Lea Easton said...

Thank you! It was so much fun to write.