Sunday, November 29, 2015

Cowboys, puppies, snow and a blonde who ties it all together in a bow of #Romance and #Suspense

She's a protected witness who can't risk being known so she hides behind sunglasses and puppies.
He's the cowboy who lives next door who dares love her despite the mysterious secrets that swirl around her like a blizzard veiling danger.  
Welcome to the Scintillating Sunday Blog Hop where multiple romance and erotic romance authors share 8 paragraphs of their work to tempt and tantalize. Today we're peeking inside the bestselling romantic suspense novel, WhiteOut.


"I want what you want," she admitted with a crooked grin. "That's another true thing for your list. I'm thankful that you convinced me to go to the hot springs with you. I loved it...kissing you, making out, getting wild, relaxing, drinking whiskey in the dark, kissing you again."

"That was only phase one." He dropped his hand to her thigh and squeezed. "I'd hoped phases two and three of our date would bring more kissing, etcetera."

She laced her fingers through his and sighed. "I'm not exactly dating material, Ryan. I need to go."

He leaned across the seat and kissed her. Hard. Hand at the back of her head and the other on her thigh, he kissed her breathless until she moaned in surrender.

"I'll back out of here, take you to dinner, pretend we didn't see them," he whispered against her lips. "Come with me, Brandi."

"Tempting," she curled her fingers into the material of his shirt beneath the jacket, "but I need to go."

"Don't do it, Brandi, don't say good-bye, not yet. Stay with me."

"That's not how this works, Cowboy." She pushed away, grabbed her bag, looked toward the sheriff waiting on her porch, and jumped from the jeep before he could convince her to believe in miracles. People like her—those who'd sacrificed and lived in the shadows—weren't meant for love stories and happy endings. No self-pity, just matter-of-fact reality.

From the back cover...

She's been erased. 

As a protected witness, Brandi Simms has given up everything that made her unique to start over in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Blending into the background isn't easy, but it's vital for survival. When her handsome yet incorrigible neighbor—former Olympic skier turned cowboy—decides her aloof attitude is a challenge rather than a deterrent, she knows the only right thing to do is resist.

The secrets she hides are deadly.

Ryan Landry isn't accustomed to rejection. Three-time Olympic Gold Medalist, he's the local hero who came home to run a ranch and be near his family. The mysterious neighbor who seems content to hang out with dogs rather than humans haunts his fantasies and ignites that competitive drive that led him to the world stage.

He's not one to give up.

When her dangerous past catches up to Brandi, Ryan is determined to break through her secrets to find the truth no matter what the cost. Trapped in a whiteout blizzard with unseen threats lurking in the snow, will they get a chance to create a new beginning or will Brandi's past be the death of them?

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