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Score a Hole in One this Holiday Season #RomanceNovels

Who knew golfing could be fun? Jackie Williams, that's who. She's talking about her new release, A Hole in One, on today's Tantalizing Thursday. 

Jackie’s naughty side unleashed!

A Hole in One (The front nine)

Romance is my usual genre, but we all have a naughty side and A Hole in One (The front nine) is mine.

Having suffered golf widow syndrome for many years and after trying the 
'If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.' school of thought, with absolutely no success what so ever, I decided to delve into the sport a little deeper and see exactly why so many people spend hours and hours of their free time following dimpled balls about after aiming them at very small holes. 

After months of in depth research, I think I have discovered the answer.
It's amazing what a little fresh air and the delights of the English countryside can do for you!

ver one to let a few wayward balls spoil a good walk, join us in a short stroll along the front nine at 
Fairweather Fields.
Regardless of stiff shafts or loose grips, whether you drive deep or pull your stroke, prefer to play your wood in the rough or your iron in the bunker, with holes, poles and sweet spots abounding, there’s something for everyone who has ever thought that ‘playing a round’ is a euphemism for exactly that, ‘playing around!’
A Hole in One (The Front Nine) is a collection of nine short, sexy stories loosely based around the game of golf and only suitable for those aged 18 upwards due to its fabulously decadent content! 
A Hole in One(The back nine) 2nd in series is due out early in 2016
Excerpt from Chapter Four—In the Bunker
Louise bent to place her ball on the tee. Something was the matter wiht her again. The ball kept falling of the little wooden peg as Louise's fingers trembled every time she went to place it.
She looked over her shoulder and glowered at Emily who arched her eyebrows innocently and looked up at the fluffy white clouds high in the sky. Louise managed to place the ball and stepped back to take her shot. Something was still wrong. She stepped forwards. She stepped back. She stepped sideways and Mike nearly choked as he saw her squeeze her thighs together and then appear to release and squeeze them again. He frowned back at Frank to see if he'd noticed anything odd about her antics. Frank just shrugged back at him.

He glanced over at Emily, as Louise appeared to be having some kind of ladies problem, but she was staring off into the distance, her hands shoved hard into her pockets as if nothing strange was happening at all.
Mike saw Louise's thighs unclench again and she took an immediate, mighty swipe at her ball. She squealed and jumped at the last second and the ball shot up into the sky, almost disappearing from view before falling back and landing approximately ten feet in front of her.
Emily doubled over and let out a howl of laughter.
"I say!" Frank glared at her. "That's a bit unsporting. It would have been a great shot if it had been horizontal and not vertical." He nodded towards a red-faced Louise. "You'd better take your second shot now or you're going to lag behind."
Louise rolled her eyes, walked forwards the few paces and squared up to her ball again. She went through the same stepping and clenching ritual before she managed to hit a fairly decent ball down the fairway.
Emily took a deep breath and pressed her lips together as she walked up to the tee. She glanced at her friend before bending to place the ball. She looked at Louise again and frowned as if confused. She turned towards the ball, but glanced over her shoulder and waited a second more before taking a swing.
Her club whizzed out behind her, only missing Mike's head because he was quick enough to duck out of its flight path.
"What the fuck!" He yelled as he clamped his hand over the top of his head as if making sure it was still there.
Emily stifled the squeal that threatened to fall from her lips. She ran around in a small circle and shivered all over before she spoke.
"Oops! Sorry, Mike. Really sweaty palms. It's awfully hot, you know." Gaping at Louise, she wriggled and minced her way behind Mike and picked up her club before turning to Frank. "I don't think I drop a shot for that as I let go on my backswing and hadn't actually gone to hit the ball."
Frank's mouth fell open. Was that all she could thing about when she had nearly caused his best friend to permanent brain damage?

"Just take the shot," he bit out.
She glowered at a white-faced Louise, took her shot, and raised her hand to shield her eyes from the sun.
"Damn! I think it hit the bunker just the other side of the ash trees. I didn't see it bounce toward the green."
Mike grinned. If Emily's ball was in the bunker, it might make up for Louise's sky shot and his lost ball. Still plenty to play for. He and Frank began striding out down the fairway.
Emily nudged Louise with her elbow.
"You idiot! I could have killed your boyfriend."
Louise let out a loud snigger and then covered her mouth as Mike turned around to look over his shoulder at her.
"I didn't know that you were going to let the bloody club go," she hissed out in a loud whisper and then began chuckling again. "Thank goodness for his quick reflexes. I would have been a bit annoyed if you had done for him. I'm on a promise for later...and, boy, am I going to need it by the time we finish here today." She winked at Emily before speaking again. "What about that sky shot I took? You know that there are endangered species of buzzards flying around at Fairweather Fields. I could have been prosecuted if I'd hit one!"
It was Emily's turn to laugh.
"You do realize that this is the most fun I've ever had on the course, don't you? I can't believe that we never thought of this before. I can't wait until the boys discover what we have planned for them next time." She strode along her friend and let out a little squeal as a buzz of pleasure hit her.
"They'll never let us do it...Can you imagine their faces when we tell them what we've done? The look in Mike's eye says that I'm in for a spanking later." Louise pretended to faint.
Emily laughed at her friend's acting skills.
"Idiot. You know you love it."
Louise waggled her eyebrows, shivered at the thought of Mike's hand, hot on her bottom, and then jumped as Emily obviously flicked her switch.
"We're going to need extra batteries at this rate." Louise rolled her eyes and grinned at her shuddering friend as she flicked the switch in her own pocket again.
Emily gasped and stopped walking for a few seconds as she caught her breath.
"Bitch. We're only meant to do it when taking shots. That was the rule. I don't want it to fall out of my knickers. I'd just die if Frank and Mike knew what we were doing." She began walking again as the sensation stopped.

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