Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Second-Chance #Romance With Life or Death on the Line #ScintillatingSunday

Jail or dead by Monday. 
He's being set-up
His ex is his only hope...but can he trust her? 

Welcome to the Scintillating Sunday Romance Blog Hop where multiple romance and erotic romance authors share 8 paragraphs of their work that they find scintillating. Today we're looking at the riveting romantic suspense novel, Kiss Me Slowly. 


“Kiss me.” She licked her lips. “Slowly.” 

“Slowly?” He pressed her against the wall, one hand moving beneath the tank top. “You ask a lot.”

“I am a demanding woman.” She kissed his neck, hands dipping beneath the waistband of his shorts. 

He liked demanding. Smiling, he stood back long enough to pull the shirt over her head. Beautiful. Both hands cupped her breasts, thumbs caressed her nipples.

“Let’s get naked.” She grinned, wet hair veiling half of her face. 

He pulled off his shirt while she unsnapped his shorts. Her hand moved over his erection with the ease she had shown sailing her ship. Possessive. Confident. The thought turned him on even more. 

He fisted his hands in her hair and pressed her against the wall. Eyes open to one another, they kissed. Slowly. It took all of his self-control to rein in the urge to ravage her. They savored one another’s mouths. He pulled away when she tried to deepen the kiss. If she wanted slow, he would give her slow. He would torture her with slowness. 

His mouth sucked her lower lip, pulling, teasing. Tongues danced together in a slow waltz. He released her hair to travel over the length of her. Breasts filled his hands. His erection pressed against her flat abdomen. Without breaking contact, they moved toward the stairs. Lips clung together. Eyes watched each other, lids half open. Every inch of him throbbed with the need to be inside of her, to make her beg for release. 

From the back cover...

Trapped in a set-up that could have him in jail or dead by Monday, Jonathan Alexander trusts no one in his inner circle. It’s Saturday. His only hope is Grace Dupont, the best forensic accountant in Miami. But there’s a glitch with that idea. She’s also his ex-girlfriend who'd rather watch him drown than throw him a life vest. Going to her feels desperate…because he is.

Grace enjoys seeing Jonathan squirm. On your knees boy, she thinks as he pitches for her help. Always a sucker for the dark-haired-blue-eyed boys, she risks her precariously balanced life of secrets to help him. Helping him slaps a target on her back–she’s the key to proving his innocence and that’s a bad, bad thing.

Tangled up in a whirlwind of conspiracy, murder, million dollar money trails and diamond smuggling, Jonathan and Grace flee to the sea to stall for time to prove his innocence. Romance sizzles beneath Florida Keys’ sunshine. Both scoff at happy endings. Both doubt justice. Both know each kiss could be their last.

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