Friday, February 5, 2016

Just One Night and Then We'll Say Goodbye #MySexySatruday #Romance #SneakPeek

Excerpt of the romance thriller, One True Thing...

He'd never met anyone like her. Vanessa Warren was definitely a one-of-a kind. She was too beautiful, too known, too wild, too…much. He knew that she was the kind of woman who could devour him, who would know his soul, who would wield her power over him with advanced skill. Yet he couldn’t leave
 She sauntered toward him, almost like a predator about to go in for the kill, stood on her tiptoes until her breath caressed his chin, and whispered, "Make me forget that we're just pretending." 

He grabbed her ass and lifted her up until they were eye-to-eye. Hair licked with fire slipped across his face when she leaned against him, all color and warmth. He wanted this, wanted her. This is why he had come, to feel this again, this agony of desire that he had suppressed for years. 

Fingers twisted in the strands of hair that teased his skin. He crushed her to him, ravaging her mouth like a dying man grasping at life. Tongues clashed. Teeth nipped.  And he fell past a point he had never thought to cross, not that he cared, not that it mattered. In his mind, he could see the lights of the city, blurring with speed and spinning beneath them. 

God, she felt good.  Perfect. Her lips nibbled across his neck.  

“I shouldn’t want you so much, but I do. I can’t stop myself,” she whispered.  

“Why do you want me?” He curled his fingers into her hair and forced her to look him in the eye. “Tell me.”

From the back cover...'s a heady drug.

Vanessa Warren is America's favorite rebel. The daughter and granddaughter of US Presidents, she grew up in the White House. A paparazzi darling, she learned early on how to capitalize on publicity. But fame has its drawbacks and, now an adult, she's living in Europe in an attempt to distance herself from American politics.

But someone wants to leverage her notoriety. When her older brother wins his party's nomination for president, a target is slapped on her back. With every attempt on her life, his poll numbers go up and social media goes wild. Once again Vanessa is trapped in a bubble of security, conspiracy, and isolation...until a chance meeting on a dirt road brings her face-to-face with a man who doesn't care about her lineage.

Dominic Piazza thrives on challenge. When he meets Vanessa, he doesn't fully grasp the dangers of knowing her. He simply sees a beautiful woman with more daring and depth than the world gives her credit for. But being connected to her snares him into the crosshairs of those who want her for their own agenda and his hotel empire is threatened with destruction.

How far will someone go to manipulate an election? If they capture her, they control the power of the United States' Presidency.  Who is behind it—her own family, an opponent, or a terrorist organization? Is there anywhere in the world where they can be safe?
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