Sunday, March 13, 2016

Going All In on the Biggest Gamble of All #SecondChance #Romance #ScintillatingSunday

The best love stories have some twists and turns and some heartache... 
the best of love stories deserve a second chance to get things right because love... 
is worth everything...
Dancing Barefoot on Scintillating Sunday

Excerpt of Dancing Barefoot...

"Now is all that matters." He exhaled slowly. "We're covering a lot of bases for a first date the second time around--going at breakneck speeds that feel both wrong and right at the same time. I think we're breaking the rules."

"I am so tired of playing by the rules." She didn't want to sit here talking anymore. She wanted to take him home, lead him to her bedroom, and make love slowly all night long until her body was limp with orgasmic satisfaction. "Spend the night with me." 

She held her breath while he took his time contemplating the idea. Her heartbeat ricocheted inside her chest, pulsated in her throat, and echoed in her ears while she studied the way he toyed with the label on his beer bottle and avoided looking at her. Take a chance, Jacques, she pleaded silently as she waited as if perched on the edge of a cliff, ready to fly if only given the signal to leap.

"Jacques and Jessica together again? What would that be like?" He smiled without looking at her.  

She'd forgotten that he was a unique combination of shy and bold, depending on the situation. She caught her lower lip between her teeth, crossed her fingers beneath the table, and stared at him until he looked up and met her gaze.  

                Without saying a word, he tossed money on to the table, stood, grabbed her hand, and yanked her against his chest. His eyes explored hers for answers she wasn't sure she was brave enough to give. He bent his head to kiss her but paused within a fraction of her lips to ask, "Is this temporary in your mind--a trip down memory lane-- or do you want to go all in?" 

"All in."

"All in it is then." He brushed his mouth against hers, gaze never breaking from hers. "This could get messy, this could get really damn messy, don't give up on me this time. Promise me."

From the back cover...

Naked photographs plastered on a book cover remind Jessica Moriarty that the past isn't as dead as she'd assumed. Her carefully constructed life as an architect on the fast track to partnership is threatened by a love she'd abandoned five years ago when responsibilities had trumped dreams.

World-renowned photographer, Jacques Sinclair, could have chosen anywhere in the world for his book signing and photography exhibit, but he'd come to Boston to shake things up. He wanted answers, but they aren't what he expected.

Reunions aren't always happy—sometimes they stir up unwanted pain and forgotten passion. As Jacques and Jessica stumble their way back to one another for a second chance at love, they're ensnared in a web of conspiracy, manipulation, and sabotage designed to keep them apart. Will they be able to break free of the ties that bind them to seize the love of a lifetime? Or will the pressure to conform rip them apart forever?

**This is the conclusion of the two part Dancing Barefoot series and can be read as a stand-alone. However, to get the full impact of the love story, the author recommends reading book one, In Between.**


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